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Research Document: Discourse Community Investigation

Paper details How does your company communicate with its discourse community? How does your company communicate with those external to its discourse community?

Report on your findings in a 10-page paper. Include in-text citations and a full reference list at the end of your paper, in APA format.

Formatting: Double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins

1. Introduction – Begin by discussing the company you selected, what its purpose is, and why you chose it. Create a thesis statement that identifies how your company communicates with members of its discourse community (employees, clients, customers, suppliers, vendors).
2. Research five different genres from the company you selected. Genres could include: examples of emails, memos, business letters, job ads, websites, brochures, mission statements, social media feeds, advertisements, etc…
3. Identify each type of genre. What genre is it? What are the general conventions associated with this genre? In other words, what expectations do we have surrounding this communication?
4. Why does your discourse community adopt this genre for the purposes of spreading information to members? How do they exploit this genre when communicating with its discourse community?
5. What is the purpose of the piece? Who is the target audience? What information does it present? How do we know it is part of your discourse community – jargon, content, or both?
6. Perform a rhetorical analysis of each genre. Use Swales 2017 for reference. Provide textual evidence with in-text citations (quotes, paraphrasing, etc.) to support your analysis.
7. Find a source that was written about your selected company by those external to the discourse community (News story, competitor, etc.). What genre is it? Where did you find the piece? What is the purpose of it? What information does it present? Who is the target audience? Perform a rhetorical analysis of the piece using textual evidence to support your analysis.
8. In your conclusion, reflect on how your company is communicating with its discourse community using the questions above. How does the source you identified in Question 7 communicate about the company? Does it reinforce what the company communicates about itself?

*I have attached the rubric.

Marriage in Part 6 Chapter 8 in Jude the Obscure.

Paper details showing that how In the last few chapters Arabella has thought of marriage as a kind of hunt, a game, and now a business transaction. Hardy offers another bitingly sarcastic comment on “traditional” marriage, which he defines by a sense of discontent and discord between the man and woman.

The assignment sheet:

Elaborate (in 250—350 words) by referencing other parts of the reading and possibly also other parts of the work you read earlier. Focus on details in the form of quotation and paraphrase to make your point and to demonstrate your familiarity with the text. You should not rely on outside sources.

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