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Review Paper and Analysis

Paper details Please read and carefully follow the instructions shown in the document. Please provide as much references needed.

PART 1 Paper review:
Marks for addressing each of the 12 CASP questions will be awarded.
Section A: 15%
Section B: 15%
Section C: 5%
Extra (references, style etc): 5%

PART 2 NDNS analysis
1. Introduction: 5%
2. Method (brief description of the NDNS and statistical approaches): 10%
3. Results: 30%
4. Discussion: 10%
5. Appendix (Stata Code): 5%

Green v. State

Paper details Mock police report as the investigator, the goal is to accurately document truthful information to establish probable cause that the suspect is guilty. Start with an intro of how you became interested in the case. Cover The Who, what ,when ,where, why and how. Figure out the crime and discuss the evidence and how it was gathered to prove elements of crime

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