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Selection of a research country (ITALY); however, you are required to submit your research paper

Selection of a research country (ITALY); however, you are required to submit your research paper topic, a 100-word research paper abstract, and list of scholarly references.

Research paper must analyze current international trade and finance activity; background information should be minimal; definitions are not to be included. Paper should explain, in dollars or a country’s currency, changes to GDP, employment, what profits/losses occurred related to your topic, what happened economically because of your topic, what your topic contributed to or detracted from the U.S. and/or other affected countries’ economies, etc. Focus is on economics, not socio-economic factors or a political/social problem.

Macroeconomic Indicators

Paper details Purpose: To learn how to find macroeconomic statistics, how to interpret them, and with this knowledge how to make better business decisions

Background/Scenario: Using the portfolio project company students will find macroeconomic indicators they feel are impactful on their company using as their data source. They will then interpret the indicator in how its trend will impact their portfolio company. Each member of the team is required to identify and research 3 different macroeconomic indicators[these 3 must be different from their teammates 3 for this individual assignment] important to their portfolio project company.


a) Describe each macroeconomic indicator and how it is calculated
b) Describe WHY each indicator is, in fact, impactful to their portfolio company
c) provide copies of 10 years history of each via a graph found at
d) Interpret the trends [via the graphs in c above], and assess the likely impact on their chosen business.

A Word document answering a,b, and d, and INCLUDING copies of the trend charts for each indicator [c above] embedded into the Word document

*****Chosen Indicators*******
Sales Tax Rate
Employed Persons
GDP Annual Growth Rate

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