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SLS wk 5 DS

Does the evidence clearly support the argument? Consider any evidence which supports the case below.

1.  Review the commentary below about illegal drug use:

A case has been made that drug use in itself is not a problem – the real problem is an economic and social one and drug abuse is only a symptom of underlying conditions such as unemployment, racial inequality, and the erosion of family values.  This argument states that drug abuse will diminish when these problems are resolved.  Is this a valid argument?

2.  Support a specific point of view in your main post in the class discussion section of your online course.

Make an argument stating whether you agree or disagree.
Is this argument based on your ethical decisions or moral decisions?

Please Help me

Scott Stanley (PREP, Inc.), more births occur to unmarried women (than married women) between the ages of 18 and 24; marriage is seen as “nice,” but with few differences compared to cohabitation; women’s attitudes toward marriage have been consistently decreasing since 1976; women are asking if they are going to have a fuller, happier life as a married person rather than “shacking-up.” What are your hypotheses regarding the presence of these attitudes? Why do these negative trends exist?

Magic Date

The program should then determine whether the month times the day equals the year. If so, it should display a message saying the date is magic. Otherwise, it should display a message saying the date is not magic.
I need the algorithm (pseudocode) for this program.

Change for a Dollar Game

The program should ask the user to enter the number of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. If the total value of the coins entered is equal to one dollar, the program should congratulate the user for winning the game. Otherwise, the program should display a message indicating whether the amount entered was more than or less than one dollar.
Need the algorithm (pseudocode) for this program.


In your evaluation, include the following items:
Select the following items for your week 5 paper and presentation:One type of solid waste material, such as yard and food waste, plastics, paper, or glass? One type of hazardous waste material, such as acids, heavy metals, lead, mercury, pesticides, or nuclear waste? Two types of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, or natural gasObtain facilitator? Identify the sources of your selected waste materials. Describe the effects of your selected waste materials on soil and water quality.? Explain how your selected waste materials and fossil fuels affect biological diversity in the environment.? Discuss the methods available for the disposal of waste materials. Determine the method of waste management you would recommend for the proper disposal of your selected waste materials. Provide an explanation for your recommendation.? From your evaluation of fossil fuels, recommend at least two alternative energy resources that could replace your selected fossil fuels. Explain the advantages and disadvantages for the environment of using these alternative energy resources.Develop a 9- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation illustrating your Waste and Energy Paper, with notes.
 APA, format, no plagiarism, and references

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