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Social Phobias in Adolescents: Social Anxiety

Paper details I have 6 sources and an annotated bibliography for those sources. I need 4 more to add to the paper for a total of 10 peer-reviewed resources. I will upload the annotations, rubric, and the 6 source essay used to help get the paper moving. must be in APA 7, and in Times New Roman 12.


Paper details This paper requires you to select one of the five approaches to psychology described in chapter one (neuroscience, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic) and use that approach to explain why you chose the professional direction you have chosen. You will need to explain the theories associated with that approach in greater detail than is given in the textbook, and apply the terms and concepts of that approach to the factors that contributed to your choice of professions.

The paper should:

-be 1800 words
-include three non-textbook references
-use APA style in-text citations and reference page
-Even though no one approach is likely to explain all of what went into your choice (or there would only be one approach), a good paper will assume one theoretical approach and provide enough detail of theory and application to your career decision to be convincing.

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