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Software Development Methodologies

Paper details The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the traditional approach used by organizations to plan large IT projects, such as IT infrastructure. The SDLC is a structured framework that consists of sequential processes by which information systems are developed. Whether companies use a structured method such as the traditional waterfall approach or more agile methods, all development projects start with defining the requirements and design before building the system components.

Consider the following scenario:
Your school intends to develop a student management system. The system will need to hold all details of registered students, including personal information, courses taken, and examination grades.

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following:

A description of the core activities in the software development process

An explanation of the distinction between systems analysis and systems design and a description of the activities involved in each

An explanation of the benefits of information systems

An explanation of what the information system’s requirements are

An explanation of why the information system’s requirements are difficult to determine correctly

An explanation of why the testing stage of systems development is so important.

An explanation of the difference between the three stages of testing for an information system

A description the role of programming, conversion, production, and maintenance in systems development

An evaluation of which of the three (programming conversion, production, and maintenance) is most important to project success and why

An explanation of which of the three (conversion, production and maintenance) is most difficult to do correctly and why

An analysis of the benefits and limitations of each of the following methods of building information systems: traditional waterfall method, prototyping, and component-based development

A recommendation for which method the school should use for developing a student management system and justification of your choice

ITSY 2300 Discussion

Paper details Please answer the following with a minimum of 250 words

1- Explain today’s security challenges and the reasons why more sophisticated attackers demand a more thorough defense.

2- Security Baseline Analysis is a critical aspect of hardening systems. List 5 items that should be checked. For each item, detail what is the risk and how is the risk mitigated?

3- Describe the tools and strategies to apply to reduce security vulnerabilities and the benefits of using a security baseline analysis for Windows environments.

IT Sourcing

Paper details For this unit’s discussion board, let’s build on the IT project failures you researched from the previous unit. Each of you discussed a failure, what went wrong, and what could have been done differently.
Now, apply what you’ve read in this chapter about sourcing and sourcing decisions. What type of sourcing decision might have improved the chances of the failed project succeeding and why?

The original assignment was submitted by you from the previous chapter. The order number was # 348077983. I will attach that assignment to go off of. Along with the Chapter on IT Sourcing. The example that you chose was the Queensland’s Health Department IT system. Please go off of this for your IT sourcing decisions and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your help.


Paper details Lab

NDG Security v3 – Lab 08 Analyze and Differentiate Types of Malware and Application Attacks

NDG Security v3 – Lab 25 Securing Data with Encryption Software

Submit screenshots from the last steps along with your impressions of the labs.

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