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Spanish Flu Vs. COVID-19

Paper details Instructions for PaperFoundations of NursingThe paper is to be created in Microsoft Office Word. Use either Calibri or Arial, 12 point, for the font. Please double space the paper. You must use AMA formatting. A guide can be found here. Additional guides for AMA formatting are available on the WCJC website in the library’s webpage. Please be sure to use citations for research materials. You must provide a cover sheet and a Works Cited page.Your paper will compare and contrast the Spanish Flu pandemic with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please use the article provided as a source for material the Spanish flu. Your paper must include prevention measures taken, discuss the disease processes themselves, how the diseases are spread, complications from the diseases, treatments attempted and which treatments were successful, how were health care facilities utilized, the reasons for a decrease in prevalence, and current prevention/treatment measures.You should do additional research on the Spanish flu and all the research on COVID-19

Case Study

Paper details Read the mental health case study (attached) and complete the following:

Examine current practice guidelines related to suicide screening and prevention and how they could pertain to John.

Answer the following:

What events in John’s life created a “downward spiral” into homelessness and hopelessness? Which events were related to social needs, mental health needs, and medical needs, and which could health care have addressed?

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