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Specifications for your Research Paper:   For this class a Research Paper: is a paper that states an organization’s position,

Specifications for your Research Paper:   For this class a Research Paper: is a paper that states an organization’s position, or other subject, or a not too detailed technical explanation of an architecture, framework, or product technology for your research topic. Usually, a research paper would explain the results, conclusions, or structure resulting from some organized research team or design and development team or board of director’s initiative. In information technology, a research paper is often a paper written by a lead product designer to explain the philosophy and operation of a process or product used by the company. Many Web sites for software products include frequently asked questions (FAQ) page and more detailed product specifications if you have researched a product as part of your paper. The focus of the paper will be the subject matter given for the papers and must be a total of 3 written pages at a college level using Word with spell and grammar check; (Charts and diagrams not counted or used as “white space” but can certainly be included).  Have a title page, table of contents, and a reference page.  You may use diagrams, charts, etc.  Such as Excel, Visio, or some type of database ER diagram or MS Project when relevant.   Discuss the pros and cons of using some of the many software packages available on the market today in this class.  The font should be 12 and the line spacing is 1.5.   Format: ·      Title Page ·      Table of Contents ·      Introduction ·      Body of the report ·      Summary of the topic ·      Results or Conclusion ·      Reference Page A minimum of 3 references is required, you may have more include all sources you used for your paper.       The first paper is on Ecommerce: Any aspect of Ecommerce would be acceptable.  Chapter 3 is all about Ecommerce you can get some ideas of what aspect you may want to write about.  For example Ecommerce and the effect on Brick and Mortar companies.  A particular Ecommerce company that you like the way they do business explaining why you may be loyal.    The second research paper is about Security in Cyberspace. All aspects of how we handle security in today’s world of information privacy, purchases, banking, etc.   The third paper is about chapter 9.  It is about how we manage systems.   I also have notes describing this material about the system development life cycle under the content tab in D2L.  You can get ideas from both

Literature review (single space, size 12, at least two pages), a summary of researches that have been published about a particular

Literature review (single space, size 12, at least two pages), a summary of researches that have been published about a particular subject. It provides the reader with an idea about the current situation in terms of what has been done, and what we know. It could include suggestions about what needs to be done to increase the knowledge and understanding of a particular problem. The articles used must be from professional journals, which mean we can trust that the authors are trained professionals, and others have examined their work. Some studies are more easily read and summarized than others. Once you have found the articles, read them and take notes. Write the literature review from your notes. A literature review should include four sections: 1) Introduction: Introduce your topic and briefly explain why this is a significant or important area for study. Define terms if necessary. 2) Summary of articles: In a paragraph or two for each study, briefly explain the purpose, how it was conducted (how information was gathered), and the major findings. When referring to an article, use the last name of author or authors and date of publication in the text. Example: Calvin and Brommel (1996) believe family communication . . . or Communication serves two primary functions in families–cohesion and adaptability (Galvin and Brommel, 1996). 3) Conclusion: Briefly summarize the major findings of the studies chosen. Comments about what questions need to still be answered may be included. 4) References: List the studies used on a separate page according to APA style format. Theory and Research Model: has to include three sections (single space, size 12; 2-3 pages): Theoretical framework and explanation. At least two Hypotheses. Explanation for each hypothesis. A theoretical framework represents the author’s beliefs on how certain phenomena (constructs/variables/concepts) are related to each other and an explanation on why these variables are associated to each other.   Example: The diversity of the workforce (according to different ethnic origins, races, and nationalities) contributes more to organizational effectiveness because each group brings its own special expertise and skills to the workplace. This synergy can be exploited, however, only if managers have special talents to manage the diverse work group; otherwise, they will be useless. Hypothesis 1:  The diversity of workforce has positive effect on organizational effectiveness. Hypothesis 2:  The effect of diversity on effectiveness is weaker when there is less managerial expertise.   Managerial Implications (single space, size 12; 1 page): State the relevance or the relationship between your proposed managerial actions as a result of your expected findings of your study. Address the need to solve the original business issue/problem by suggesting the managerial actions for solving the problem. Focus on the impacts of the managerial actions and discuss what outcomes could be after implementation of the managerial actions. Conclusion (single space, size 12; 1 page): Make the point of your paper and emphasize what focus is on the main aspects of business management. In this final section of paper, you should summarize the main conclusions in each of these areas you mentioned before. Then you may turn to assess the limitations or directions for future research and, finally, drawing out the recommendations from your study. Last, the summary/conclusion should offer the reasons why your work strongly contributes to the field. Reference (by APA format, single space, size 12; 1 page):

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