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Statistical Significance and Meaningfulness

Paper details ((((((((((Please see attachment for an example of this.))))))))))

Consider the scenario:
o A research paper claims a meaningful contribution to the literature based on finding statistically significant relationships between predictor and response variables. In the footnotes, you see the following statement, “given this research was exploratory in nature, traditional levels of significance to reject the null hypotheses were relaxed to the .10 level.”

2. Respond to the scenario in which you critically evaluate this footnote. As a reader/reviewer, what response would you provide to the authors about this footnote?

Sources to Use

Source 1
Frankfort-Nachmias, C., Leon-Guerrero, A.,

Psychologists’ Roles, the Law, and Juries

Paper details Describe the role the psychologist serves as a consultant in the jury selection process. Provide three examples of psychological concepts and describe how they are applied to the selection of juries.

Good News! I have written the introduction for the essay. I just need the 3 examples and conclusion written. You will find the beginning attached. Please let me know if you have any questions.

HBR Signature Assignment # 3

Paper details Writing HBR Signature Assignment # 4 Guidelines and instructions
Guidelines and Strategies:

The student’s written HBR Signature Assignment is designed to invite the student to provide an in-depth written examination of the HBR assigned articles. Read the following two articles:

• HBR Ethical mind: A conversation with Psychologist Howard Gardner by Bronwyn Fryer; Howard Gardner

• HBR Ethical breakdowns by Max H. Bazerman; Ann E. Tenbrunsel Numbered Headings in Paper:

This written essay is a response to the following questions. Students must create numbered headings for each section, and please include the question or paraphrasing of the theme for each section:

Section 1:

– Why are the issues presented critical to a leader’s understanding of leadership based on the readings?

Section 2:

– What are the major themes/perspectives around ethics and leadership found in the readings?

Section 3:

– What are the unique challenges and benefits of a leader’s ethics on an organization and its employees?

Section 4:

– What are the student’s responses/opinions to the findings, results, or actionable outcomes of the readings?

Section 5:

– How would the student advance conversations and strategies connected to the ethics of a leader in the student’s organization? Provide specific examples.

Structure and Style:
Position Papers are to have a cover page, references page, and contain written narrative of no less than 3 pages. The student is strongly encouraged to keep the Turnitin “similarity index” at or below the recommended level (see syllabus for Similarity Index Rate). All papers must adhere to the APA writing guidelines found in the syllabus and clarified through the APA writing style at:

Students are also encouraged to include additional resources when they feel that additional support is needed to reinforce their point, the author’s point, or to refute the premise of the article.

Grading Rubrics:

The following rubrics will be applied in the grading process for each paper:

1. Did the student follow the APA formatting and structure of the paper?

2. Did the student answer each question and use the prescribed headings?

3. Did the student apply critical thinking and their own perspective to the messages in the article, and go into depth and support their assertions?

4. Did the student use correct grammar, punctuation, and writing mechanics?

Case Study – Counseling Theory

Paper details For this paper, you will need to read the “Mr. C. Case Example” found uploaded. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your awareness of how theories are used in counseling.

You will choose ONE counseling theory below:

Counseling theories/therapies to choose from:

Psychodynamic Therapy
Client-Centered Therapy
Adlerian Theory
Existential Counseling Theory
Gestalt Psychotherapy
Positive Psychotherapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Family Therapy Demonstrations
Multicultural Theory

Then you will discuss how you would conceptualize (or make sense of) the case through the perspective of this theory, and
detail how you would address Mr. C’s needs through the structure and techniques of this theory. Be specific in how you would use aspects of this theory to target his unique situation.
This paper should be at least 2 pages, excluding Title Page and Reference Page. You should use at least two sources when writing this paper, both of which should be academic sources focused on the theory and practice of this theory. One can be a chapter from the Wedding

House bill 1927 in Texas -Permitless gun carry

Paper details This is to be a detailed research outline paper. It needs to be in third person. It should have an introduction with thesis statement, then three body paragraphs (each with a citation from my bibliography, I will upload), then a rebuttal section, and finally a conclusion. I am providing an example of the layout format..the example text is in red. My subject is gun control with my topic being permit less carry.

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