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Strategic Management-DL-B Osvaldo Sanchez W/A # 3 W/A # 3

Paper details Exercise Content

Your assignment # 3 relates to chapter 3 Mini-Case Is Strengthening the Superdry Brand a Foundation to Strategic Success? by Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson designed to reinforce the learning objectives of the course, and in conjunction with the final exam will provide a measure of your material’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Your case analysis will require for you to complete the readings for Chapter 3 “The Internal Organization: Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, and Competitive Advantages”, and the Mini-Case from the textbook.
* Answer Case 1-5 questions from the textbook.
* Your answers must be written in a short essay format APA Style of Writing.
With multiple academic resources and citations to support the content of the case study.

Mini-Case Is Strengthening the Superdry Brand a Foundation to Strategic Success?
British-based SuperGroup, owner of Superdry and its carefully banded product lines, is taking actions to deal with recent performance problems. These problems manifested themselves in various ways, including the need for the firm to issue three profit warnings in one six-month period and a 34 percent decline in the price of its stock in 2014 compared to 2013.
Founded in 1985, the firm is recognized as a distinctive, branded fashion retailer selling quality clothing and accessories. In fact, the firm says that “the Superdry brand is at the heart of the business.” The brand is targeted to discerning customers who seek to purchase “stylish clothing that is uniquely designed and well made.” In this sense, the company believes that its men’s and women’s products have “wide appeal, capturing elements of ‘urban’ and ‘streetwear’ designs with subtle combinations of vintage Americana, Japanese imagery, and British tailoring, all with strong attention to detail.” Thus, the firm’s brand is critical to the image it conveys with its historical target customer—teens and those in their early twenties. Those leading SuperGroup believe that customers love the Superdry products as well as the “theatre and personality” of the stores in which they are sold. These outcomes are important given the company’s intention of providing customers with “personalized shopping experiences that enhance the brand rather than just selling clothes.”
As noted above, problems have affected the firm’s performance. What the firm wants to do, of course, is correct the problems before the Superdry brand is damaged. Management turmoil is one of the firm’s problems. In January of 2015, the CEO abruptly left. Almost simultaneously, the CFO was suspended for filing for personal bankruptcy, and the Chief Operating Officer left to explore other options. Some analysts believe that the firm’s growth had been ill-conceived, signaling the possibility of ineffective strategic decisions on the part of the firm’s upper-level leaders. As one analyst said: “The issue with SuperGroup is that they’ve expanded too quickly, without the supporting infrastructure.”
Efforts are now underway to address these problems. In particular, those now leading SuperGroup intend to better control the firm as a means of protecting the value of its brand. A new CEO has been appointed who believes that “the business is very much more in control” today than has been the case recently. A well-regarded interim CFO has been appointed, and the firm’s board has been strengthened by added experienced individuals. Commenting about these changes, an observer said that SuperGroup has “moved from an owner-entrepreneurial style of management to a more professional and experienced type of management. The key thing is, it is much better now than it was.”
Direct actions are also being taken to enhance the Superdry brand. The appointment of Idris Elba, actor from The Wire, is seen as a major attempt to reignite the brand’s image. In fact, SuperGroup says that Elba epitomizes what the Superdry brand is—British, grounded, and cool. The thinking here, too, is that Elba, who at the time of his selection was 42, would appeal to the customer who was “growing up” with the Superdry brand. For these customers, who are 25 and older, SuperGroup is developing Superdry products with less dramatic presentations of the brand’s well-known large logos. Additional lines of clothing, for skiing and rugby for example, are being developed for the more mature Superdry customer. After correcting the recently encountered problems, SuperGroup intends to expand into additional markets, including China. In every instance though, the firm will protect the brand when entering new competitive arenas and will rely on it as the foundation for intended success.
Sources: About SuperGroup, 2015,,, April 5; S. Chaudhuri, 2015, Superdry brand works to iron out problems, Wall Street Journal Online,, April 15; S. Chaudhuri, 2015, Superdry looks to U.S. to drive growth, Wall Street Journal Online,, March 26; H. Mann, 2015, SuperGroup strategy oozes Hollywood glamour, Interactive Investor,, March 26; A. Monaghan

Assignment 2

Paper details 4.1 Radical Rewrite: Information E-Mail—Negative Announcement

The attached wordy, inefficient, and disorganized message invites department managers to three interviewing sessions to select student interns. However, to be effective, this message desperately needs a radical rewrite.

Your Task. Study the message and list at least five weaknesses. Then revise to avoid excessive wordiness and repetition. Also think about how to develop an upbeat tone and improve readability. Can you condense this sloppy 14-sentence message into 6 efficient sentences plus a list—and still convey all the necessary information?

Training Resource for Future Managers

Paper details The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to reflect on your own professional experience in working with people. Given your experience, you will develop a training resource for future managers that focuses on the key skills necessary for managers to work effectively with others in your current work environment (e.g. clinical practice).

You will use the principles of attitude, perceptions, power, influence, authority, and others as the foundation for this training resource.

This assignment can be completed as a slide presentation. Your project should incorporate AMA formatting guidelines. There is no specific requirement for the length slide presentation. However, your project should demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the content and must include the following elements:

• Overview of the working environment and organizational culture applicable to your current industry (family medicine outpatient clinic from a provider standpoint).

• Key skills necessary for any manager to work effectively with others (including rationale for each skill and supporting evidence).

• Challenges common to the working environment that impact relationships.

• Strategies for working with difficult people.

• Advice for the future manager founded in your own personal experience (e.g. what has worked well for you in the past, what doesn’t work, pearls of managing others, etc.).

• Include three to five scholarly references in your project.

information governance presentation

Paper details For this assignment, you will create a narrated presentation. Specifically, do the following:
Create an education poster presentation on the “what”, “why” and “how” of healthcare information governance.
You may select an organization of your choice, or focus your PowerPoint presentation on the entire healthcare industry.
Your presentation will highlight what healthcare information governance is, why it’s important, and how an organization would go about creating one.
Identify the audience for your presentation. This would be the organization’s board of directors, or mid- to junior executives. Note that the tone of your messaging will likely change depending on your audience.
Provide simple, easy-to-understand examples. You may use examples from your work experience. Otherwise, feel free to make up relevant examples. .
Ensure you model “information governance principles for healthcare (IGPHC)” in your presentation.
Include all citations and your reference list in proper APA format.
For your presentation, create a narrated PowerPoint.
Your PowerPoint presentation should range between 10 to 15 slides and be no more than 10 minutes. The maximum allowable number of slides is 15.
You may want to zip your file before uploading it.

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