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Paper details Find an article written in this year that discusses a change in the equilibrium price or equilibrium quantity (or both) of any good or service. The article will not mention the term equilibrium, but that is fine. This can be on ANY good or service, such as cell phones, haircuts, video games, pizza, lawn-cutting services, recreational vehicles, bicycles, and so on. The list is endless. You can choose any product or service EXCEPT GASOLINE. You must provide documentation of your article in sufficient detail so that anyone else in the class can find your article. I leave the documentation format to you, such as MLA, APA, or another format, but the citation is REQUIRED and must be specific enough so that your article can be located by others.
Summarize the article IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You need to provide specifics in terms of what is happening and why.
Analyze what is happening in terms of the demand/supply model. In this section you must be very detailed. Explain which curve or curves are moving, which way they are moving, and why.
State the concluding results of your analysis.
Post your work to the discussion board by using the Reply button below.
You cannot move on to Part II until you have completed Part I.
As an example of steps 3 and 4, assume that you have located an article about gasoline prices indicating higher prices and increased sales due to people driving more as the restrictions of the pandemic are loosened. After summarizing the article and providing the citation information, you then go on to state that the increase in the number of consumers has caused the demand curve for gasoline to shift right. This results in an increase in the equilibrium price and the equilibrium quantity. This explains why gas prices have increased and why gas stations are seeing increased purchases of gasoline.

If there are influences on demand and supply, you must indicate this and discuss the uncertainty resulting from the movement of the two curves, unless the article provides enough information to eliminate the uncertainty.

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Paper details Final Submission Component 1: Feasibility Study
You will submit your feasibility study by combining the three milestones and discussions and adding an executive summary and recommendations. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the feasibility study. It should reflect the incorporation of from MS 1, MS 2, MS 3

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Specifically, your feasibility study must address the following critical elements:
I. Proposed Project Description
A. Identify the organization considering the proposed project.
B. Describe the proposed project, providing a scope statement that includes goals, requirements, and deliverables.
II. Executive Summary
A. Provide historical data and other relevant information on the current business.
III. Market Feasibility
A. Analyze the current industry, market, and/or market segment(s).
B. Analyze competitiveness within the industry.
C. Examine market potential and trends.
IV. Technical Feasibility
A. Analyze the company’s ability to develop new products, technologies, processes, or services.
B. Analyze the company’s ability to improve or redesign products, technologies, processes, or services.
C. Analyze current viability or the need to extend or expand company facilities, equipment, or staffing to meet increased operational needs of the proposed project.
V. Financial/Economic Feasibility
A. Estimate capital requirements for the project.
B. Project expected future earnings should the project be implemented..
VI. Study Conclusion and Recommendations

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