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Super Bowl Advertisement Analysis

Paper details Identify five ads that have been shown during the Super Bowl over the last three years. A great place to look is
For each ad, analyze what the message strategy was, who the spokesperson or animation was, what kind of appeal the ad used, and what the execution was.
Please provide the names of each advertisement so I can look them up to provide the links.
***answer the following questions:
How effective were the ads in terms of brand recognition and brand recall?
What are the advantages for a brand to advertise on television during the Super Bowl?
What are the disadvantages?

Scientific Research Methodology

Paper details 1. Identify a research paper that contains hypotheses. The selected paper must be published in a scientific journal. Read the paper and determine the types of hypotheses stated in the paper (3 Marks).

2. Provide your answers inside the Moodle (0.5 Marks)

3. Upload the original full text of the paper into the Moodle (1.5 Marks).

please attach a research paper (PDF) with a work

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