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SWK3400 W8 Discussion

Paper details Case study 10.3 “Marie Cipriani is Losing Her Life Partner” – pg. 359

Would you discuss marriage with Marie and Irene? In this situation, what might be potential pros and cons to marriage?

What developmental domain (physical, psychological, social) do you think Marie will struggle with the most?

Discuss some of the changes that have occurred in society that relate to this case?


Paper details LINK TO TEXTBOOK:

Chapter 15

Discuss how the social institution of the religion intersects with other social institutions in our society. In other words, how has religion shaped any other institution such as the family, politics, education, etc.
Give examples of the consequences of this intersection from both the macro and micro level.
Chapter 16

Read and/or listen to the NPR story about education and money at this Link ( to an external site.
What is the main argument of this piece?
Is this piece an example of a social conflict or functionalist view of education?
What is your personal response to this piece? Do you have any personal experiences that connect with this story?

Chapter 17

Which perspective best describes our political institution here in the US: structural functionalism (pluralism) or social conflict (power elite)?
Be sure to explain your choice and give at least one specific example that supports your position.
Chapter 18

Although the US is primarily a capitalist nation, our economy also reflects elements of socialism.
Give an example of a socialist element of our economy. Be sure to explain how your example reflects socialism.
Would you say that the amount of socialism in our economy is just right, not enough or too much? Explain your position.
Watch the video and answer the following questions:
Who was responsible for this tragedy?
What were some of the consequences for work and labor in the US as a result of this tragedy?
What’s your personal response to what happened?

Chapter 19

What is your reaction to the content of the videos about food deserts? Are you surprised? Do you have any personal experiences that connect?
Apply one of the three major theoretical perspectives to the content of the video. How would a sociologist understand food deserts?
Chapter 21

Name a current or historical social movement and describe
It’s ideological commitment to promote or resist social change
The cultural codes it challenges
What, if any, social changes do you forsee happening as a result of the last presidential election?

Describe Soc 443 Sociology of law Provide an overview of the course in 1-2 sentences How

Describe Soc 443 Sociology of law
Provide an overview of the course in 1-2 sentences
How would you describe this course to someone who has yet to take it?
‘This semester in Sociology of Law…’

Provide your definition of law
Provide your sociologically informed definition of law, drawing on Marx, Weber,

major policy or issue

Paper details Go to the websites of the (copy and paste links)

Identify a major policy or issues highlighted on each website.

What factors do you think explain differences in these issues among the organizations?

What do the differences suggest about the areas each party prioritizes?

Discuss how a policy approach advocated by each party impacts a client group that you might serve.

What does this analysis suggest about the significance of the political context in shaping the policy landscape?

How are parties reaching out to women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ voters?

must cite sources and references
must be in apa format
The book we are using this semester is Social Policy for Effective Practice: A Strengths Approach (New Directions in Social Work) 5th

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