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Case study

Paper details Present a case on a patient diagnosed with substance use. The case should include the following name initials, sources reviewed, psychiatric history, substance abuse, past medical and psychiatry Hx, allergy, family psychiatric history, other relevant psychosocial history, relevant legal issues, current medications, mental status examination, goals, Clinical impression, differential diagnosis, DSM5-Diagnosis, recommendations, medications …

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Week 2—DQ 1 Response 2–Martha–Current trends in nursing practice

Paper details In 150 words, substantively respond to Martha’s post below by using at least one separate resource to add to the post. Remember, your source should be less than 5 years. Don’t forget to reference source using APA format. Martha’s Post: Healthcare is an important issue globally. Hence, provision of viable patient consideration necessitates …

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Writer’s Choice

Paper details In this Assignment, you will practice this type of leadership by advocating for a healthcare program. Equally as important, you will advocate for a collaborative role of the nurse in the design and implementation of this program. To do this, assume you are preparing to be interviewed by a professional organization/publication regarding your …

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Research Critique

Paper details Each student will critique one quantitative or qualitative Nursing research from any preferred nursing Journal. Utilize at least 5 cite of sources to substantiate your finding or critique For suggested Guidance Visit the American Nurses Association “Reading and critiquing a research Article” at and “ The John Hopkins Nursing Evidence Practice” at …

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ole and responsibilities of nurses in relation to disasters

Paper details This discussion board is aligned with the module objective “Explain the role and responsibilities of nurses in relation to disasters.” As part of the discussion you will: Describe the role and responsibilities or a nurse in relation to disaster. How is your community prepared to handle a natural disaster? Your initial post must …

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