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Tax Crimes/Money Laundering Instructions

Paper details students will choose a real life example of a tax crime or money laundering crime and prepare either a voice-over PowerPoint presentation or webcam video presentation.
Students will be required to do outside research on individual topic chosen
Points to consider but are not mandatory.

Details of Fraud
Method of Prosecution
Important Takeaways
Please include a references slide at the end of your presentation

Project Planning and Scheduling Managment

Paper details The Module 3 Case is a Mini-Case Study: Defining Standard Projects at Global Green Books Publishing, which is available in the PMI website.
PMI Teach. (2017). Mini-Case Study: Defining Standard Projects at Global Green Books Publishing. Retrieved from
For Part I, submit a 3- to 5-page paper answering questions a-f.
For Part II (1-3), create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in ProjectLibre for the eBook project. Be sure to address the following in the WBS:
1. Identify the major phases of eBook creation.
2. Identify the steps in each phase.
3. If possible, identify sub-steps for any of the steps.
4. Submit the completed WBS as a PDF file.

Requires ProjectLibre

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