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the book is By the People by James Fraser

Paper details This writing assignment is worth 50 points. It is to be written in MS Word format, 1.5 pages in length, double-spaced in normal font and with standard margins. You will upload the completed paper to Canvas from your computer.

You may choose any one of the following topics to write on. You should use the chapter section (or sections) to write most of your paper. Use the specific sources listed to illustrate, emphasize, etc. your main point/s. Please note: the assignment does not ask you to simply summarize each of the sources. You should use the textbook and sources to write a coherent answer to the question.

Describe/Discuss some of the interactions between the growing American economy, labor, and slavery (Chapter 9.1

AIDS Epidemic

Paper details 1. Please watch the following video “30 Years from Here” – A Personal History of NYC and HIV/AIDS by PlanetOut (50 min 9 sec):

2. Read the following article in the New York Times: The Doctor’s World: “30 Years In, We’re Still Learning from AIDS” by Lawrence K. Altman May 30, 2011:

3. and the recent NYT article: Ganga Stone, Who Gave Sustenance to AIDS Patients, Dies at 79 by Sam Roberts, June 4, 2021:

4. Start with: What were the causes of the AIDS epidemic and the drug crisis during the 1980s? Why was the federal government slow and ineffective in its responses? What were the aftereffects of this delay on AIDS research? Continue with examples and personal stories from the sources above. Has government policy, society and individual responses to AIDS changed?

5. Your analysis should be some 300 words in total. Cite your sources (in-text and have them in the Work Cited section at the end of your work too): the documentary, newspaper,

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