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The Early Colonial Period

Paper details Directions: Using only the materials found only in this week’s module (Week Two), please thoughtfully reflect to following prompt with a minimum 800 word short response essay (you may go over this word count without penalty, but do not go under the word count). Be sure to use specific examples from both the lecture and the required readings whenever possible. Simple in text citations should be used whenever you are quoting directly or indirectly (Week Two Module), (TedTalk), (How America Invented Race), or (Author’s Last Name or Title of Chapter/Article, page number if possible). Remember this is your opportunity to express how you have understood/viewed the materials – readings, lectures, videos/documentaries – presented throughout within the module.

Your response/reflection should be written in an essay format. All questions must be fully addressed.

Response/Reflection Prompt:

This module has included a brief history of servants, slaves, and the invention of race in early colonial history as well as an overview of some economic, political, and social motivations for the American Revolutionary War and the need for a new U.S. Constitution.

How and why did Virginia shift from indentured servitude to slavery? How was race made in the 17th century? And why was racial distinction important?
How were British/Colonial relations up to the start of the war? What were some of the justifications the colonists gave for going to war with the British? How did the ideals of war impact Native Americans, African Americans, and Women during this period?
What were some of the driving reasons in the arguments to draft a new constitution? What compromises were made at the Constitutional Convention?
How has the information provided throughout this module affected or enhanced your own understanding regarding the significant impact of the Early Colonial Period on issues of race and identity in the newly established United States?

The Use of Comics as Teaching Tools

Paper details Hello. I just got my paper back from my advisor with more comments and would like them to be addressed. Most of the comments are his changing some wording, and is just a matter of accepting the changes, but there are some things he wants examples or clarifications that may need a little more work. Please see the attached. Only his comments need to be addressed. The rest is fine as is.

Thank you.

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