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The first objective my teacher has requested is psychology research paper OUTLINE. I know I selected research paper proposal (similar) but I need a research paper outline.

Paper details The psychology research paper outline is about schizophrenia. The specific area of study for the psychology research paper (outline) is Legend-population affected by schizophrenia. The research paper outline is due June 27th at 11:30pm. The outline must include 3 APA
credible sources and the outline must use information from the sources and have a title page. Do not use complete sentences but enough to explain point. English language. I will send you the instructions in a attached file. My teacher has a program to check for plagiarism and she will check very closely to make sure the paper was created from scratch and legitimately. If I pass this class I will receive my associates degree. So many classes so I don’t have much time for this paper. Unfortunately I also have Adhd and have a hard time focusing. Please don’t mess up. The last writer I ordered plagiarized and didn’t do a paper from scratch with bad sources.

each big question 300 words

Paper details 1 The claim is often made that conditioning reflects the workings of a primitive learning system that is independent of higher-order cognition, including those processes responsible for awareness, reasoning and explicit expectations.

i. Describe one piece of evidence that is consistent with this claim, explaining why it is consistent.

ii. Describe one piece of evidence that is inconsistent with this claim, explaining why it is inconsistent.

iii. Why has research on learning without awareness been so contentious and achieved so little consensus? Provide a specific example as part of your answer.

iv. Explain one way in which studies investigating explicit causal reasoning in humans have found parallels with the results of studies of animal conditioning.

2. i. What is specific Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer (PIT)? Provide an example in humans using auditory cues and food rewards.

ii. What is general PIT? Provide an example in humans using visual cues and drug rewards.

iii. What factors might influence how long a PIT effect lasts for and what are the implications for treating drug relapse?

iv. How do opponent process models account for relapse in drug users? Provide an example for someone addicted to alcohol.

v. Explain a key difference between PIT and conditioned relapse highlighted in your examples above.

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