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The international scourge of terrorism. analysis of de-radicalization processes in modern societies: a game of balances between international relations and financial investments

Paper details full thesis: main topic:
study of the context of terrorism
is prison a useful tool for countering terrorism
the deradicalization of terrorists
political aspects and political influences of terrorism
actual costs of international counter-terrorism policies
the rehabilitation of terrorists as seen by the population
reconciling the fight against terrorism and economic and social expectations
terrorists and prison
alternatives to prison
the process of deradicalization, social costs, study of results
towards a strategy to prevent radicalization
balances between international relations and financial investments

Addressing end of life discussion

Paper details These ideas include the importance to address this topic early in chronic conditions, discussing the importance of creating living wills and designating a health care surrogate should the need for one arise, and the role of a health care surrogate and power of attorney. Also please discuss the ethical dilemma that arises when designated health care surrogates do not abide by what is written in the patient’s living will.

References need to be 2 internet and 3 peer reviewed journal

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