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Paper details Module 1 – Case
Assignment Overview
Develop the vision and mission statements for an organization. Measure these statements against the criteria for meaningful vision and mission statements, providing comprehensive support and justification. The Case must be completed before the SLP.

First, read the following article:

Klag, M., Giroux, H.,

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Paper details
Unit 2: Poetry Explication

Purpose: To further our study of literature, we come across different types of poetry. Of course, we are no strangers to this form of writing, stereotypically classified as short, pretty and often rhyming. Many of us have learned to read by hearing the sounds and rhythms of poetry. Many of us may have written our own lines or received verse as a gift from somebody (think Valentine’s Day!). We may have even studied it closely in high school or college. From these experiences, many will admit that poetry, though beautiful, is often difficult to understand. Since it reflects such an integral part of the writer’s consciousness and mentality, it is often perplexing (like a puzzle we are trying to figure out). This is why our next assignment is meant to be both challenging and interesting. I ask that you make a smart selection of a poem (by smart, I mean to consider a few technicalities such as length, time, and purpose), and explicate it. Explication is a type of analysis, in which you must do a close reading of your chosen poem and show how the poem’s literary techniques contribute to the development of its theme. If done correctly, explications help us understand and appreciate poetry on a deeper level.

Texts: Select one poem from our unit. They are too many to list, but please consult pages 363-625. You must present your poem, in its entirety before beginning your explication.

Assignment: Write a poetry explication using one poem from our unit.

Please follow the steps below (which can also be found in the chart explication chart I provided in class – on the modules page-) in order to complete a successful explication:

Choose a strong poem and read it at least three times (preferable out loud)
Paraphrase the poem line-by-line. This is a translation of each line completely in your own words
Determine the context of the poem. To figure out the context, answer questions relating to: who, what, when, where, why, and how.
Determine the theme or overall message of the poem. If you think there is more than one, then choose the one you wish to focus on.
List all the literary techniques you can find. This includes: diction, persona, allusion, denotation, connotation, imagery, tone, figurative language, sound, rhythm, and structure.
Narrow down these literary techniques to fit: your chosen theme (which techniques are most relevant to the theme) and how.
Writing an Explication:

Please note: an explication is a line-by-line explanation of a poem from beginning to end. “Explain” is the key This is different from a thesis-support paper because it doesn’t follow a logical structure (thesis supporting reasons); instead, it has a chronological structure that unfolds or reveals the meaning(s) of a poem as it develops from beginning to end.

Guidelines and Structure of Writing an Explication:

You want to start by simply presenting your interpretation of the poem’s overall meaning and start explicating immediately. Don’t worry about writing a formal introduction with a thesis; remember, this is not a formal thesis-based essay, but rather, an explication.
The first line or lines of the explication should describe the situation of the speaker and declare the central subject of the poem, identify the most significant conflict(s) or tension(s) surrounding this subject, and present your interpretation of the overall message or theme of the poem.
Next, you should continue to explicate the poem’s central meaning line by line, expanding the discussion of the meaning and conflict in terms of the elements of poetry that we have discussed in this unit: diction, imagery, speaker and tone, figurative language, symbolism, allusion, sound and rhythm. That is, you should explain the overall meaning of the poem by focusing on how the poet has used these elements of poetry to construct this meaning.
Each “section” of the poem (stanza or grouping of text) can be explicated in a separate paragraph in the explication. If the poem has no stanzas, you are to determine (decide) which lines constitute a “section” or “grouping” of the poem and structure your explication accordingly.
The end of the explication should discuss any or all of the below:
Any final thoughts on the overall meaning of the poem
The value of experiencing the poem
Your personal connection to the poem
Finally, because this is not a formal essay, there is no page requirement for this explication. I am simply looking for a deep, thorough analysis and understanding of the poem. Each explication, however, should contain, at least 4 paragraphs:
Introduction to overall meaning/theme of the poem
Line by line explication of one stanza/grouping of text
Line by line explication of another stanza/grouping of the text
If your poem has more than two stanzas/groupings, I expect more paragraphs with a “line by line” explication.
Conclusion on overall meaning and writer’s connection to the poem.

Discussion: The Strategic Compass

Paper details Discussion: The Strategic Compass

Week 1:

What is the difference between “Strategic Leadership” and “Strategic Management”? Using an actual organization in which you now work – or have worked previously – give several examples as to how the processes differ.

Week 2:

How does the Five Compass Model (see Wilson’s 1996 article included in the Background readings) inform our understanding of “Strategic Leadership” generally, and the role of top leadership in setting the long-term strategic direction of an organization more specifically?

Food/travel documentary

Paper details Students will view a travel food documentary (not a cooking demonstration show) that focuses on the exploration of traditional foods from a particular country or region. Some examples would be:

Ugly Delicious (Netflix)
Rick Stein’s (YouTube, BBC)
Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix)
Any Anthony Bourdain show (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube)

Shows such as Chef’s Table are not accepted due to their focus on a singular chef and often times include more expensive restaurants. Questions to address in your paper:


What flavor principles did you identify within the food in the documentary?
Were any foods discussed that are traditionally associated with holidays, religion, or are culturally significant? What were they and what are they associated with? Describe the foods.
How did the documentary increase your interest in the culture? What did you find interesting? What would you like to see for yourself or try?
What cultural differences did you see between the this culture and yours?
How well did the documentary immerse you in the culture? Give examples of what cultural practices were highlighted.
What foods did you find interesting? Surprising? Anything that you wish you could try? What were they and why did they make you feel you learned more about the culture.

You do not have to watch the whole documentary just a couple of episodes that youll be able to answer the questions given.

write a 1200 word essay on your experience. Your name, tittle and references do not count towards the 1200 word minimum.

this paper should be double-spaced,
with 12-point Arial font,
include at least 2 references, (other than the documentary you watch for option 3) and be written in AMA, MLA, or APA style with proper usage of citations.
The paper should include images where appropriate. The images and reference page do not count toward the final page count.
It must be written in essay format. Do not simply copy/past and answer the questions into a document

journey to becoming a counselor

Paper details Extra Credit Assignment
For extra credit, you may write a three- five page paper answering the following questions below. The paper must be written in APA format and follow APA writing style guidelines. An APA resource guide has been made available to you in Bright Space. This paper is worth 15 points to your final point tally. You will submit this paper via Bright Space no later than 5 PM July 11th – no extensions will be given.

Paper topic:
The journey to becoming a counselor is difficult task and requires a tremendous amount of commitment and sacrifice. While rewarding, the job of counselor is very difficult and involves authenticity, presence, empathy, and compassion, often with individuals who have fundamentally different experiences and belief systems from your own. What does it mean to be a “Culturally Competent” Counselor? What traits, skills, and experiences do you bring to the table that you believe help you in attaining cultural competence? How does the ACA code of ethics describe and define Cultural Competence? What does Cultural Competence look like? How do you know if you are culturally competent?
Please see included rubric for grading standards. please when you write paper make sure you make the transition understandable example if you want to start talking about your skills your paragraph begins with skills

Needs Improvement Below average Average Exceeds Expectations
Writing and Grammar Writer uses inappropriate grammar and writing. Text language, incomplete or confusing sentences, written almost exclusively in passive voice (1 points) Numerous writing and grammar issues, incomplete or confusing sentences, uses predominantly passive voice with some active voice examples
(2 points) Few Grammar and Writing mistakes (between 5-10) throughout the whole paper uses passive and active voice interchangeably.
(3 points) Minimal (less than 1 mistake per page) grammar and writing mistakes, limited passive voice (4 points)
APA Formatting Writer has used no headings and made no effort towards APA formatting standards.
(0 points) Writer has limited (level 1) headings, no citations where appropriate, no reference page, title page is present but incorrect
(1 points) Writer uses some limited headings, some citations where appropriate, title page and reference page are present, but have errors
(2 points) Writer uses multiple levels of headings, citations where appropriate, error free title and reference pages.
(3 points)
Content Writer gives limited or incomplete answers to question components does not offer any evidence of thoughtful consideration of being a counselor. (1 points) Writer gives limited answers to components of the questions and shows some thoughtful consideration of being a counselor. (3 points) Writer answers some of the components of the topic: What cultural competence means traits, skills, and experiences- what cultural competence looks like. Answers show some thoughtful consideration of being a counselor. (5 points) Writer answers ALL components of topic: What cultural competence means traits, skills, and experiences- what cultural competence looks like. Answers are deep and shows meaningful and thoughtful consideration of multiculturalism. (7 points)
Directions Student did not follow directions (0 points) Student submitted paper on time and followed directions completely.
(1 points)

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