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Thinking Styles and Teaching Approaches among Preschool Teachers

Paper details Dear writer:
Here are the requirement form the school and me
Requirement from school:On completion of the Project, MEd students should have developed the following learning outcomes:
1. Independently design and conduct a project that is practically feasible and of appropriate scope;
2. Analyze research literature in relation to empirical data and/or a practical educational issue;
3. Apply and reflect on learning from coursework in relation to a practical educational issue, innovation, and/or
4. Communicate clearly the project planning and implementation (including components and outcomes), in
written and oral presentations; and
5. Reflect on the significance and implications of the project for future practical improvement.
My requirement:
Could you help me
1:Modify article APA format
2. revise the language of the article, especially the introduction and conclusion sections. You can delete and add.
3. write an abstract for me, about 150 words.

Insurance and Healthcare Reimbursement-Mod2essay

Paper details This week students will be addressing the following essay questions. Insure all aspects of the questions are addressed. Submission needs to be in APA format. Use a Level 1 heading to separate your sections (of the APA Publication Manual).

Discuss the various ways that ICD-10-CM coding is used throughout the United States. Why is accuracy in coding so important?
Explain the difference between ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS. When are they used?
What impact does the ICM-10-CM manual have on healthcare and medicine in today’s world?
What are the ten steps for accurate ICD-10-CM coding? State and explain each step in paragraph form
In your own words, what is the difference between V, W, X, or Y code and a Z code?
Explain when the following would be used and give an example of: Hyphen usage, checkmark, placeholders, and punctuation
For the following, provide the ICD-10-CM codes (some might require more than 1 code). There is a free website listed that will help you with coding:

Weight loss
gastroesophageal reflux disease
acute bronchitis with COPD
urinary infection due to E. coli
concussion, loss of consciousness 40 min
cancer of bladder
Physical, child for school
DTP vaccination
Heel injury (wound) due to broken glass
This assignment must be in APA format: Times Roman 12 font, double spaced, and include title and reference page.
Complete answers will essays will require at least 1000 words, approximately 4 pages (250 words = about 1 page). Title and reference pages do not count toward the total word or page count.
Alignment of ICD codes should be completed after the essay questions and before the reference page.
Title page and reference page do not count towards word count.
Ensure sources are referenced and cited in the paper

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