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This is a research paper for my Ethics in Computer Science class. I am supposed to research an ethical

This is a research paper for my Ethics in Computer Science class. I am supposed to research an ethical issue within the discipline. I want to look at intellectual property and specifically software patents and the Open Source movement. The professor gave us a very specific outline to follow. He wants us to take that document and type our paper within it, not to just use it as a guide, because he has put special formatting rules into the document.

I have a couple of sources already, two are attached, two are linked below: in Computer Ethics.htm

This paper needs to be 8 pages NOT including the title page, contents, abstract, and works cited page.

education in america

An older and more diverse U.S. population
2. Increased choice and privatization of education
3. Changing role of government in education
4. High school reform
5. Increased reliance of technology in the classroom
6. Increased globalization

Acc422 Week 2

Because they are looking at some additional
financing the company is in the process of preparing its annual
financial statements for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2011, and Bryant Gumbel, controller for Bryant Gumbel, has gathered the following data concerning inventory.

At May 31, 2011, the balance in The Bryant Gumbel Company’s
Raw Material Inventory account was $408,000, and the Allowance to
Reduce Inventory to Market had a credit balance of $29,500.

Gumbel summarized the relevant inventory cost and market data at May 31, 2011, in the schedule below. Gumbel assigned you, an intern from UOP, the task of calculating the amount that should appear on Gumbel
‘s May 31, 2011, financial statements for inventory under the lower of
cost or market rule as applied to each item in inventory. Having taking
ACC 422 you have expressed concern over departing from the cost

Replacement    Net Realizable

  Cost    Cost   Sales Price  Value   Normal Profit 

Boat    $ 70,000   $ 62,500  $ 64,000  $ 56,000   $ 5,100


Oak Flooring  86,000   79,400   94,000   84,800   7,400

For Decks

Rudders   112,000   124,000   186,400   168,300   18,500

Storm    140,000   122,000   154,800   140,000   15,400


Total   $408,000   $387,900   $499,200   $449,100   $46,400

OK here is what you need to do, first determine
the proper balance in the Allowance to Reduce Inventory to Market at May
31, 2011, next for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2011, determine the
amount of the gain or loss that would be recorded due to the change in
the Allowance to Reduce Inventory to Market and finally, explain the
rationale for the use of the lower of cost or market rule as it applies
to inventories.

Need this question answered please.

Growing human population within the
city increases pressure on the infrastructure and on natural resources, and
this affects the environment. As cities expand, they cut deeper into
surrounding rural areas, causing environmental problems, such as the loss of
wetlands, loss of biological habitat, and air and water pollution. The high
density of automobiles, factories, and commercial enterprises in urban areas
adds to airborne emissions, including particulate matter, various types of
oxides, and hazardous volatile compounds.

Phoenix, AZ has experienced rapid growth in population over
the past decade. The Phoenix City Council is worried that this pattern of
population growth is beginning to create a number of negative environmental, economic,
and social consequences. These include deteriorating infrastructure, increasing
traffic congestion, declining air and water quality, and the loss of open
space. The City Council has charged you with writing a report with recommended
measures to fix the pollution issue. The City Council provides a budget of $18
million for tackling the environmental issues. 

Make decisions on the optimal measure for addressing the
pollution management issue.

Choose 4 of the 7 measures given below based on popular
acceptance, budget use, and pollution reduction:

control legislation for point sources: $4.3M
emission testing: $3.6M
alternative transportation, walking, and bicycle use: $4.4M
fuel-efficient cars: $3.3M
green spaces or urban forestry: $4.2M
roads: $4.7M
carpooling: $2.8M
Write a 750- to 1,050-word
summary briefly describing the background information and details. Include
information on your selections:

selection criteria and total cost
rationale for the pollution reduction measures chosen from an environmental
science perspective
on reduction of pollution
for the various pollution reduction measures
For example, bringing in
legislation to install pollution control devices in factories may sound like a
good choice, but installation of such devices is a huge expense, and there is
likelihood of strong opposition by business groups.

the statement “decision-making about environmental issues necessitates the
maintenance of a fine balance between the effectiveness of measures and
the public reaction towards them.”
Include two
outside references.

Question about probability with math

Do a web search and find a graph from an online source such as an online newspaper, magazine, or book.  
Post the site. 
Write two probability problems that can be answered from the data in the graph.  Include a detailed solution to each problem.

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