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Topic 2: Psychosocial Factors and Patient Education/Interview

Paper details Write a 500-750-word essay on the Stages-of-Life and the influence of age in health care from a patient’s perspective.

Interview a friend or family member about that person’s experiences with the health care system. You may develop your own list of questions.

Suggested questions:

1. Do you feel that your stage-of-life had any effect on your interaction with health care professionals?
2. Which areas of the hospital or clinic were most concerned with your well-being and feelings?
3. Was your family with you during this hospital stay or outpatient visit?
4. Was your family included in your treatment, such as post-procedure instructions?

Topic 2-1: Psychosocial Factors and Patient Education

Paper details Sister Mary is a patient in Level 2 Emergency Department. She must have a neural examination, physical assessment, radiographs of her facial bones, and a computed tomography scan of the head. Taking into consideration that she is a Roman Catholic nun, what would be the ideal course of patient education as this woman progresses from department to department?

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