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unit 1 db

When and where were the systems introduced to the United States?What is a brief history of each?Provide a URL for any Web site(s) you used in researching the coroner system and medical examiner system.Then, compare and contrast the coroner system versus the medical examiner system–consider specialization and expertise, licensing, and employment status.Choose a jurisdiction (state, county, or city) in the United States. What are the qualifications to become a coroner and chief medical examiner in the jurisdiction of your choosing? Provide a URL for any Web site(s) you used in researching the qualifications.Which position (corner or medical examiner) seems more interesting to you, and why?In commenting to other students, consider how the jurisdiction you chose compares to theirs.  4 parh  and 3 reference   due at midnight tonight 

Thesis – Brief Outline – Short Responce

discuss how you plan to use the terms ethos, pathos, or logos within
your critical evaluation essay. Which of these three types of support
does your chosen author employ? Choose one specific example of
this support, and explain how it was effective in the essay’s argument.
Cite this example correctly using MLA style documentation. Please note
that this particular section of the discussion forum may be taken
directly from your critical evaluation essay.   THIRD,
consider the following. During this section of the course you evaluated
an essay. How can this sort of critical evaluation of another author’s
work be used in future courses?

Finance compute annualized returns

Given the information below, compute annualized returns: 

A- Income $2—Price Change $6—Initial Price $29—Time Period
15months Return

B- Income $0—Price Change $10—Initial Price $40—Time Period
11months Return
C- Income $50—Price Change$70—Initial Price $30—Time
Period 7 yearsReturn

D- Income $3—Price Change (negative 8)—Initial Price
$20—Time Period 24months

Given the information below, compute annualized returns: P2.    purchase price   Current Price      Income Received       Time Period
A.     $20                       26                            2                           75 weeks
B.       15                         18                         0.40                      3 MONTHS
C.     150                      130                           0                          2 YEARS
D.     3.50                     3.00                          0.20                       8 MONTHS

Eng 315

Explain why you think the experience turned out this way, and what you would do the next time.
If you have never had an experience with collaborative writing, explain whether or not you think you would enjoy this type of collaboration. If you had to produce a project this way, determine what you would do to ensure success.

Lab 8 again

you have completed a lab for me before all in a word document.


For Laboratory Application Assignment on pgs. 711-712 examine Figs. 23-34a and Figs. 23-34b.
Perform all required calculations in the following sections: Real Power, Apparent Power, and Power Factor
Power Factor Correction

Scan all calculations showing all work in a file called “Lab8_Analysis_StudentID”.
Upload file “Lab8_Analysis_StudentID”

Construct the circuit in Figs. 23-34a with MultiSIM. (Do not
construct Fig. 23-24b or measure the phase angle in the last part of
section “In Figure 23-24a” on pg. 712.)
Confirm all calculations in Step 2 with measurements made with MultiSIM
Capture a screenshot of the measurements and waveforms on a DMM
and paste into a Word document entitled “Lab8_Simulation_StudentID”
Answer all questions in the following sections in the same document:Real Power, Apparent Power, and Power Factor
Power Factor Correction
In Figure 23-34a

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