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Using the PICOT format, conduct a comprehensive literature search to find the evidence to answer your question “What is the

Using the PICOT format, conduct a comprehensive literature search to find the evidence to answer your question “What is the duration of recovery for patients with total hip replacement who are at risk of clot formation post-surgery on patients that refuse antithrombotics as opposed to those who took them within the first two weeks of recovery?”.  Write a lit review. The headings for your lit review are: Description of the articles reviewed. A summary of the article’s main points A discussion of gaps identified in the lit review Did the lit review support or not support your PICOT question What did you learn by completing this assignment and how will it impact your nursing practice.

i need a case briefing

Paper details GBA 335 CASE BRIEF NUMBER ONE: Brady v. NFL

This was a case which pitted the National Football League owners vs. the National Football League Players’ Association – the union representing the ballplayers. The owners and players had been operating under a collective bargaining agreement which expired and which required the owners/players to come to a new deal. The negotiations did not go well – they were acrimonious and very public. As the negotiations wore on, the players became increasingly frustrated and gave clear signals they were considering an economic strike to pressure the owners to come to a deal. The owners, who have even more money than the players, did not cave in to the union pressure. Instead, the owners declared a “lock out” – barring the players from team facilities, practices, etc. etc.

The players sued the league (the owners and admistrators of the league) in Federal Court, asking the court to issue an injunction against the lockout, which the Player’s Association declared was illegal. The district court granted the request of the players, declaring the lockout illegal and issuing an injunction against that lockout (injunction = order to stop).

The case you are to brief is the appeal of the NFL of the District Court’s decision to declare the lockout illegal. The Court of Appeals heard the case, and in your decision, was asked if the District Court had “erred” – made a mistake – in declaring the lockout illegal.

The Appeals Court agreed with the NFL and against the players.

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