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W5: Email Crimes/Forensics Case Study Review

Paper details Based on the reading this week, select one of the six case studies to review and explain why the e-mail crime was successful or why the e-mail forensics found the information related to the e-mail crime.

I choose Bypassing Two-Factor Authorization. I have attached the readings for this from the book. Below is the books APA citation.

Reddy, N. (2019). Practical cyber forensics : An incident-based approach to forensic investigations. ProQuest Ebook Central

Effects on Human Performance

Paper details Consider your readings and videos this module week and the article:
SKYbrary: Impaired Judgment, Decision Making and Flying Skills due to Fatigue (OGHFA SE).

Links to an external site:,_Decision_Making_and_Flying_Skills_due_to_Fatigue_(OGHFA_SE)

Read through the Briefing Notes and Checklists from this site, and outside sources.

Ruminating Writing Assignment:

Submit a two-page paper (not including cover and reference pages) on the effects spatial disorientation and visual illusions and the loss of situational awareness have on human performance.

Address safety situations due to impaired decision-making and judgment, fatigue and stress, and sleep disruptions.

And finally, identify ways to mitigate risks associated with these situations to improve human performance on the ground and in the air.

Additional video materials:

Understanding Human Error Part 1 (YouTube 06:37)


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