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Wal-Mart Case Study

Paper details After reading the Way-Mart Case from our textbook, respond to the following prompts in one to four sentences:

Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 2013)

Does Walmart have a competitive advantage?
Temporary CA?
Sustainable CA?
What changes could be made to develop CA and/or create more sustainable CA?
Are there resources Walmart or its competitors control that are key to CA?
Financial, Physical, Human, and Organizational?
Temporary CA?
Sustainable CA (VRIO)?
How has Walmart’s history shaped its capabilities/resource bundles (Financial, Physical, Human, and Organizational)
How does Walmart’s internal environment drive its strategic and tactical decisions at the organizational and divisional levels (as highlighted in the case)?
Which of Walmart’s capabilities/resources are most important for effective international expansion?
What adjustments should Walmart make in altering/acquiring capabilities/resources for particular foreign markets (dependent on the differing strategy/tactics it should deploy in these markets)?

Property Development

Paper details The project time line 6 weeks, each week have different tasks to build the opportunity with new contents provide by teacher, it’s sequence tasks list provide each week to build investment opportunity.

They give us a toolkit to support the investment objectives contents and must use it to meet with assignment and study plan.

Attached files as following:
– ongoing project guideline
– Module 5 contents and requirements
– My proposed location for this investment project

Case Study Proposal :full strategic operational analysis of a selected organization

Paper details For this class, you will complete a full strategic operational analysis of a selected organization. This is a case study project and will be similar to case studies from weekly assignments and textbook readings. So in this week, your task is to select a topic for the final case study and write 2 – 3 page proposal in APA format.

Your proposal should include the following:

Research and select three potential topics for the final case study.
Include your sources in an APA style reference page.
Description for each topic that interests you.
Compare each topic with your current personal job experience.
Try to indicate any organizational activity similar to the organization that you currently participate in or that you have easy access to.
Conclude your findings.
Pick one topic that stands out from the other two. This topic will become your final case study.
Explain and provide feasible reasons on how and why you have selected the topic over the other two.
This assignment should be in APA format. Grammar, spelling and quality will influence your grade.

current article related to the field of project management

Paper details Identify and critique on a current article related to the field of project management. The article must be scholarly in nature. Address the following in a 1-3 page paper:

Outline the issue
Why is the article/topic important?
What does this article mean to you?
Your critique should be in APA format. Grammar, spelling, and quality will influence your grade.

Analysis of Masraf Al Rayan

Paper details Good evening, I will send you all of my previous reports for any further information and the instructions for this report called “Final report”. PLEASE follow the instructions carefully and if you going to use resources the main resources required are in the instruction and you may use two additional.

Writer’s Choice

Paper details Essay Directions: Address the topic below in a well-developed, grammatically correct critical essay (5 paragraphs). Follow the organizational format provided below the directions.

Your response MUST be specific, analytical, and detailed to receive ANY credit. You must properly cite throughout (MLA documentation format) any specific examples or evidence and discuss it in detail to support your assertions. The essay must be college-level in style and content, which means it is error-free. Get assistance from the Writing Center!
Note: The final revised draft of the Final Exam/Core Assessment Essay must be submitted through the Assignments tool, which will also submit the essay to SimCheck.

Students who fail to use source material appropriately will receive a zero on the final exam.

Also Note: The textbook is the ONLY source that may be used.

Essay Topic (broken down by paragraphs to help you develop the essay):
Paragraph 1: Identify/describe a prominent individual (artist, musician, philosopher, or writer) from the material covered in this course, and discuss the society/culture in which he or she lived. Be specific and detailed.
NOTE: You must choose a subject that is covered in Chapters 1 – 12 in Culture and Values, Volume 1. Be sure to choose a subject about which there is sufficient information in the textbook to produce a well-developed, full-length essay.

Paragraph 2: Describe/discuss the central issues that were significant to this individual, the beliefs he or she attempted to promote through artistic expression, and the impact this work/belief system had on the culture of the time. Be specific and detailed.

Paragraph 3: Describe/discuss a dilemma this individual faced as well as the decision(s) made and actions taken to resolve this dilemma. Be specific and detailed.

Paragraph 4: Describe/discuss the consequences resulting from the decision(s) made and actions taken by this individual and how those consequences impacted his or her artistic expression. Be specific and detailed.

Paragraph 5: Analyze/evaluate two examples of the cultural and/or intercultural influences or elements in this individual’s work and how he or she impacted or changes the society of that period. Be specific and detailed.

Note Again: The textbook is the only source that may be used. Information must be properly cited throughout the essay (MLA format).

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