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Week 1 Assignment

Given the market structures as
described in the video, identify at least two articles from the ProQuest
database that highlight and discuss two of the biggest challenges facing
financial managers today in these varied market structures. In a three- to
five-page paper (excluding title and reference pages), summarize your findings
from the articles. Include how market liquidity, competitiveness, and efficiency
impact financial managers.  The paper should be formatted according to APA style
as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Be sure to properly cite your two
required articles resources using APA style.

Training Plan Outline

Paper details Discuss the specific season training objectives relative to each part of the season (in-season, off-season, and out-of-season), outline the plan (timeline and activities), and be clear on the contextual application. Also, be sure to explain how athlete readiness will be assessed, including how this assessment was created and how this impacts the conditioning training plan. When and how will athletes be re-assessed? It is strongly recommended that you break this into at least 3 sections: a) physical skills development, b) tactics and technique and b) conditioning/agility/weight room. You may have other sections within your training plan as well.

Principles of Mechanics 4

Vechicle 1 has a mass 1200kg and is travelling at 30m/s. Vechicle 2 has a mass of 900kg and is travelling at 45m/s. Assuming that the cars momentarily lock together and continue moving in the same direction, determine the new velocity (combined) of the cars after the collision 

b) Determine the change in momentum of each vehicle 

c) If the time of deceleration of vehicle 2 during  the collision is 0.15 seconds determine the average force acting on this vehicle during this time

d) Determine the average force acting on vehicle 1 during the 0.15 seconds

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Provide support for your rationale.
Create an argument indicating that the statement of cash flows contains the most valuable information related to a company’s performance for users of financial statement information. Provide support for your argument.
Given the complexities related to preparing and interpreting the statement of cash flow, evaluate the current requirement under GAAP and IFRS, indicating improvements that you would make to each method’s requirement to better serve the users of the information. Provide a rationale for your changes. Analyze the impact of erroneous classifications in the Operating Activities section of the statement of cash flows, detailing how the distortion can impact the decisions made by financial statement users. Suggest how these errors may be minimized.

Spreadsheet modeling and decision analysis by Ragsdale

He buys his papers wholesale at $0.50 per paper and sells them for $0.75. Bob wonders what is the optimal number of papers to order each day. Based on history, he has found that demand (even though it is discrete) can be modeled by a normal distribution with a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 5. When he has more papers than customers, he can recycle all the extra papers the next day and receive $0.05 per paper. On the other hand, if he has more customers than papers, he loses some goodwill in addition to the lost profit on the potential sale of $0.25. Bob estimates the incremental lost goodwill costs five days’ worth of business (that is, dissatisfied customers will go to a competitor the next week, but come back to him the week after that).
a. Create a spreadsheet model to determine the optimal number of papers to order each day. Use 500 replications and round the demand values generated by the normal RNG to the closest integer value.
b. Construct 95% confidence interval for the expected payoff from the optimal decision.

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