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What are the main point(s) of the chapter(s)/reading materials?

Paper details What are the main point(s) of the chapter(s)/reading materials?
From the readings I took away… and had difficulty understanding…
How might you apply this information with a client?
Describe what you think and how you feel about all of the assigned reading material(s).
What questions are you left with about this material? (2-3 pages)

1. Schaefer

Developmental Analysis Project

This assignment is to be written in the first person. You are to write this report as if you are me. The contents of this assignment may be embellished or made up, but please ensure that it is believable.
The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply a working knowledge of theories and concepts of human growth and development. You will discuss three developmental stages on the death of a loved one, adult substance abuse, and sexual abuse, and how these stages relate to developmental concepts.
You will analyze your life stages as it relates to the key aspects of human growth and development. Take the highlighted stages and discuss the influencing factors that led to who you are today.
A part of this paper is to incorporate empirical studies related to your chosen stages. Depending on the selected stages, you may bring more attention during one period of time in your life than another.
You want to obtain as much information as possible about any significant events you identified in these chosen developmental stages. In addition to identifying your reactions in behaviors and feelings, some key ideas/concepts/questions you will want to ask yourself as you reflect on your timeline and the research are:
1.How did these key events affect your behavior and feelings toward other events/people?
2.Were there challenges in meeting developmental milestones?
3.How did your early relationships affect later developmental stages/relationships?
4.Which theoretical model do you believe aligned most with your chosen stages?
**This is not a comprehensive list of questions, but rather concepts to catalyze the thought process.**

Lastly, you will finish the paper with any lifestyle behaviors that may influence your aging process. Detail these issues, how you believe they will or are affecting your aging process and give some details about what you plan to do.

The body of the paper must be 8-10 pages (excluding title page, abstract, and reference page).
The assignment MUST be completed adhering to the most current edition of APA format.
You must include 8-10 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. 7 of the sources must be empirical articles written within the last 10 years.
You may use first person in this paper since it is a reflective piece.
You must include a formal conclusion summarizing your paper.

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