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What do I do to get net sale, please show work?

5 percent (net sales)
Net sales = ?
50 percent (net sales) = $87,000 28.2 percent (net sales)
Net sales = ?
Here is more info:
Assume that you own a sandwich shop. In looking over last year’s income statement you see that the annual sales were $250,000 with a gross margin of 50 percent, or $125,000. The fixed operating expenses were $50,000: the variable operating expenses were 20 percent of sales, or $50,000: and your profit was $25,000, or 10 percent of sales.
In discussions with your spouse, you wonder if joining a franchise operation such as Subway or Blimpie would improve your results. Your research has determined that Subway requires a $37,500 licensing fee in addition to an 4-percent royalty on sales and a 4.2-percent advertising fee on sales. Blimpie, while requiring an $35,000 licensing fee, charges only a 6-percent royalty and a 4.5-percent advertising fee.
Assuming that you wanted to break-even, what amount of sales would you have to generate with each channel during the first year, since both your fixed and variable expenses would increase?
Remember the break-even point (BEP) is where gross margin equals total operating expenses: in equation form, this is:
Gross Margin =Fixed Operating Expenses Variable Operating Expenses
Thus, with Subway, fixed expenses would increase from $50,000 to $87,000 and your variable expenses would increase from 20 percent of sales to 28.2 percent (20 percent 4 percent 4.2 percent). Blimpie’s would increase fixed expenses by $35,000 and variable expenses by 10.5 percent.

HRM/300 Performance and Career Development appraisal

 One of the areas
that I find hard, is to administer a Performance and Career Development
appraisal.  I find this hard because we evaluate based on performance, but
merit raises are hard to give when everyone is “exceeding” or meeting
expectations. Most companies offer a pool, such as 3% of total salary and then
ask managers to divide this between direct reports.  3% pool does not mean
everyone will get a 3% raise.  Assuming all are evaluated similarly, how
do you give one employee 6%, when the next only gets 2%?  Is there more
than performance?  When you ask employees they feel their performance
should be tied to compensation, such as raises.Think about
inflation.  Typically, inflation accounts for 1.5% to 3% each year.
 When you get a raise each year do you consider what is going on with
inflation?  Is the merit increase an increase based on performance or is
it a standard of living increase?  I am curious to the responses. Should
there be truly an increase above and beyond standard inflation?  

A program to Add Binary numbers in Python

The output should not contain any leading zeros.
I need the full Python code, with Pseudocode and Algorithms and Flowcharts.
The Code will need to be fully annotated and explained.
I need 3 versions of this code i.e. the code in Python but 3 different ways/codes of solving the solution.

Conflicts with GAAP

Write a short essay (roughly 200 words) explaining how this can occur. In your essay explain how there are still conflicts of interest, even when firms are following the generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP), between what management wants investors and creditors to see and the economic reality of transactions.  (No Wikipedia References Please)


that we have two investors: Mike and Sheila. On 20th August the cash

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