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What literary character do you feel learned the most valuable lesson this semester? What was the lesson? How was it learned? Why did the character need to learn this lesson?

Paper details I do not like giving an arbitrary word or page count. Your creation needs to be long enough to cover your topic and detailed enough to include explanation and quotations that have led you to your arguments. However, many students find that a goal is helpful; therefore, a fully developed final essay should be around four pages, 12 point font, double spaced. Be careful not to confuse quantity with quality. The more effort you give your essay, employing the guidelines in the text to develop your ideas, the more successful your essay should be. In preparation, you should study “Reading as a Writer” and “Elements of the Essay, Topic, Thesis, Coherence, Tone, and Style “from your Norton text assignments. These reading assignments were on your syllabus for last week. They will guide you through drafting your first paper. I also have created a Writing Guidelines Module with tools and references to help you in your writing. It is located in your list of modules to the right on your Course Home page. This paper should be written in MLA style. YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY SOURCES OUTSIDE OF YOU TEXT AND CLASS NOTES. I chose the story A

Rewrite Narritive Essay

Paper details Revise and edit your original essay for the opportunity for an improved grade. Look at the comments that I made on your graded copy, and rework the essay based on the suggestions that I have provided. If your original copy contained sentence structure errors, you should review the SENTENCE STRUCTURE MODULE for methods to correct these errors. I want to see improvement!

CAUTION: Do not write a different essay. I want you to revise and edit the one you submitted during the first week.

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