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Why is bearing noise?

General bearing ring raceway is combined with other sounds. Ball bearing raceway is irregular, frequency above 1000 hz, its main frequency does not change with speed, but its total sound pressure level increases with speed to speed up. Raceway large bearings, the rolling sound of sound pressure level decrease with the increase of the viscosity; The raceway small bearings, the sound pressure level in the viscosity increases to about 20 was/s above, from decreased to increase somewhat. And the rigidity of the bearing, the greater the raceway of the lower the total sound pressure level. Such as radial clearance is too small, the total sound pressure level and race master frequency will increase sharply with the decrease of radial clearance. Control of raceway acoustic methods are: using low noise bearing is bearing waviness is very small, that is, carefully select and use conditions. Race often affect the mechanical noise, reduce the raceway can reduce the mechanical noise.
Situation 2:
Impact of the rolling element and its control method for larger models of ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings under pure radial load speed, due to centrifugal force is lesser, roller in the rolling body will impact the load area or race and making noises. But with the increase of rotational speed, the noise will disappear. Control method of rolling body impact sound: decrease the radial clearance, materials for use with reasonable structure and flexibility of the bearing cage.
Case 3:
Rolling mill bearing of rolling mill and its control method is cylindrical roller bearing in the harsh metal can occur in all occasions, mostly happens in large type bearing grease lubrication, and in the base oil performance degradation occurred more often in the grease, almost does not occur when oil lubrication. In addition, more easily occur during the winter, when under pure radial load, the radial clearance prone to big occasions, and with different size, easy to happen in a certain speed range, both continuous and intermittent. External ring raceway take special processing method can prevent the occurrence of roll ring, can choose this kind of bearing, if necessary or appropriate to reduce bearing radial clearance, the use of high performance grease and improve to suit the bearing parts of rigidity.

Criminal Justice Workplace Observation Paper

Note. If
you are currently or were formerly employed by a criminal justice agency, use
your agency as the basis for this paper. If you are not employed by a
criminal justice agency, you may obtain the background information required
to complete the assignment by either interviewing criminal justice employees
about their workplace experience or using recent newspaper or periodical
articles as the basis for your observations and conclusions about a
particular agency.

your paper consistent with 6th Edition APA guidelines.

Can’t get diesel car to start

This gentleman was passing a semi truck when he said it started to pour black smoke out the back so he finish passing the truck , pulled off to the side and shut down car . I bought the car for a cheap price expecting major problems. 1st I checked timing belt ,no problem with the belt . 2nd I checked timing and it was timed properly so there was no issue with valves piling into pistons . 3rd I did a cold compression test thru the glow plug holes. I read 250 to 325 psi between each jug , only cranking motor over 3 revelations . The car has been sitting for 2 years so I drained most of the fuel replaced with some new fuel and also changed fuel filter .I primed the fuel thru the filter to get all the air out of the filter .Now I tried to start the car but it will not fire but I can smell some burnt fuel. The battery is also new so it has enough turning power . Ive also cleaned out the EGR valve as it had a lot of build up inside .Can you help me get this car running ? Its in nice shape but has 325000 kms on it .

Assignment 4.1: Develop a Project Schedule

1: Develop a Project ScheduleEarlier you developed a project activity list and sequenced it using a network diagram. In this application, you will use those results as inputs to developing a project schedule.
Review the activities list and network diagram you created earlier.
Estimate the duration of all work while considering the following inputs:
Information on availability of resources
Organization calendars (when resources are available)
Project constraints and assumptions
Identified holidays, vacations, and such
Schedule the work in two ways: PERT/CPM and Gantt chart. Be sure to document significant considerations from Step 2 that are not clearly accounted for in the schedule itself (for example, constraints and assumptions).

Assignment 5.1: Estimate the Cost of a Project

1: Estimate the Cost of a ProjectIn this application, you will prepare a cost estimate of your project.
Using a spreadsheet, prepare a roll-up estimate of your project costs. To prepare your estimate, follow these guidelines:
Use a completely decomposed WBS as your basis.
Identify your labor resource requirements against the WBS.
Assume non-labor estimates are accounted for and not part of this assignment.

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