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Paper details Rather than writing a traditional Reading Response on for this project, let’s create the Sonnet Explication. Please choose any of Shakespeare’s sonnets you wish. Pro Tip: Choose one of the sonnets you worked with in the Discussion Board. Remember that sonnets are poems, so you need to give MLA in-text citations which include the line number(s) and the word “line” the first time. Also, you should show line breaks with the / (backslash) mark.

You will end up with 4-5 paragraphs of writing as you will be describing your link to the sonnet and then taking each pair of lines and explicating them individually. See the full assignment (including student example) linked below!

Please use the traditional MLA style (double-spaced 12 point font/ 4-line header/ Works Cited)

First, describe why you chose the work—what interested you about it? How was it significant to you?

Next, take each line of the sonnet

Quote it/cite it
Beneath each line, give a mini explanation (1-3 sentences)
The explication should describe
what’s in the line
what ideas the line evokes for the reader EX: I picture a mountain scene with a burbling river
personal connections to the ideas are encouraged (places in which someone’s own lived experiences are useful to explaining the ideas
What does the line help you see?
What does it help you understand?
How do the rhymes draw your attention to particular words?
What connections might the author be making with these particular sounds that link together?
EX: “coyness” and “crime” have the same starting “k” sound…which creates a link between the ideas. Is the speaker accusing her of committing a crime? The crime of being flirtatious? Or is it the crime of resisting his advances? Why is it a crime to him?
The Couplet
What purpose do these final lines serve to your overall understanding of the sonnet?
Do you look back now at earlier words and think they have a double meaning? Or do these lines only enhance the speaker’s original ideas?
EX: Perhaps the speaker was not making fun of his lover…only describing that he loves her “warts” and all
At the end of your discussion, describe your overall thoughts on the piece. What surprised you about the text? How did your ideas about the piece change after analysis?

Find three sentences in a paper and correct them following the instructions below

Paper details A sentence written in passive voice.
A manner adverb that weakens the idea in a sentence.
A sentence with stacked relative clauses.

Select examples from your paper of at least THREE of these concepts.
Reprint your sentences in this post.
Then, revise each sentence to correct the writing issue.

Refer to the paper attached.

Final Reflection

Paper details For this assignment, I ask that you reflect back on your learning this semester. I am particularly curious to learn what you think you learned this semester not only about researching for and writing persuasive arguments but about analyzing arguments generated in various genres about issues related to technics and the modern life. Please, then, think carefully about all the work you did this semester–from learning new rhetorical theories to analyzing persuasive arguments in a wide range of genres to conducting secondary research to working through multiple drafts of your formal academic argumentative essay. What did we do in and out of class that was most helpful to you and that you think is valuable for your future writing? What ideas or concepts did you find most meaningful? What activities helped you research and write the most that you might repeat in the future?

Also, think about your final academic argument itself. What did you think were its strengths and weaknesses? What did you do for and in that essay that you are proud of and/or think worked well? How did you push yourself to take risks in ways you haven’t, perhaps, before?

In general then, I want to know what are the take aways from this course for you. In what ways do you think your writing improved? Also, if you had to identify one or two areas in which your academic writing, and perhaps your writing on the whole, might still improve, what would they be?

Please be specific in your response, providing details about specific activities and particular references to your work. I am looking for an honest, thoughtful response that exhibits a metacognitive awareness of your own learning this semester. Please do not write what you think I want to hear. Again, I want an authentic articulation of your learning this semester*.

Nuts and Bolts**

Your reflection should be no more than 1000 words.
Your reflection can be casual in tone even as content should be substantive.
Final reflection is due on the day of our final exam (to be announced).
Final reflection counts ~10 % of your total grade.


A level final reflections deliver a substantive, thoughtful, and reflective account of your learning this semester. Essays provide specific details about activities undertaken this semester and reference student work to help identify what students perceive to be both strengths and weaknesses in their writing and research processes. The essay turned in on time.

B level final reflections also deliver a thoughtful and reflective account of your learning this semester. Essays may have provided a few more specific details about activities undertaken this semester or references to your work to help identify what you perceive to be both strengths and weaknesses in your writing and research processes. The essay is turned in on time.

I will send you the argumentative essay to reflect on by tomorrow to reflect on. I will attach to this order the syllabus and some assignments that I have submitted whether it is essays, or an annotated bibliography, or peer reviewing a proposal for my classmates for this course. I found this course quiet challenging in terms of the assignment length as well as writing in new styles like rhetorical analytical approach(as I am a molecular biology major), as well as an annotated bibliography.

Spatial Analysis


Analyze a local space that is open, or largely open, to the public. It can be a store or mall, a club, restaurant, or a school (like COC), perhaps a public park. The analysis should be focused on how the place influences the visitor to spend more time and—even better—money in ways that are NOT obvious to the visitor. Main ideas can include how accommodating the area is, how it guides the visitor’s attention inside, things that the place may indirectly force guests to do, what its purpose is or what satisfaction it is designed to provide guests, even what kind of status it allows someone to attain by being there. Please be as specific as you can in citing what place you visited, and you would almost certainly want to pay it another visit for a keener analysis of it. Please refer to the Norton, Mooallem, and Gladwell articles of Signs of Life in the USA in approaching this topic. Remember you are not describing but rather analyzing the place.

This essay requires reference to at least one outside source. For the first prompt, research on the place itself that would strengthen your analysis of its purpose for guests (be it age groups targeted, demographics that attend, etc.) would be useful. Sticking in quotes just for the sake of fulfilling the source requirement would not be helpful to your essay grade. Also, none of the analysis should come from your research. That needs to be entirely your own.
Basic Requirements (Checklist):
o MLA style heading in the top left corner
o A title (center of the page below the heading and above essay text DOUBLE SPACED only)
o An introductory paragraph with a thesis that clearly states your analysis and main ideas
o At least three well-developed body paragraphs containing your main ideas
o A clear topic sentence for each body paragraph
o Concrete supporting evidence for the body paragraphs that focus on supporting the topic
o Transitions (‘first, ‘next’, ‘in addition’, ‘finally’, etc. where needed)
o A concluding paragraph reviewing the thesis and main ideas
o A citation page including every source cited and none that were not cited in the essay text
o Correct grammar, punctuation and mechanics (Visit the TLC if this is not a strength of yours)
o 12-point standard font (Times New Roman or Ariel—nothing fancy, please); double spaced, 1” margins on both sides and top

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