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Paper details Write a response based on the following 2 prompts: each response is 1 page
1. What are some costs and benefits associated with empowering employees? How would employee empowerment impact product or service quality? In what ways can employee empowerment help to solve customer dissatisfaction?

2. A recent article in the journal Leadership Quarterly discusses how people are more-and-more often seeking spiritual fulfillment from their work. Specifically, this article points to how the workplace can provide a very good context for employees to (1) develop their inner life needs, (2) engage in meaningful work, and (3) gain a sense of community and connectedness. Yet, so many articles have discussed an alternative view: That we are entirely too overworked to the point of stress … we’re working too many hours, always expected to be available due to developments in technology, etc. How can we balance this idea of work as a context of meaningfulness and spiritual fulfillment with these types of negative aspects of work?

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Read this article from Forbes on geofencing:

Geofencing Marketing: The New Way to Market Your Business (Links to an external site.)(

Now, think about the community where you live or work. What local business could benefit from geofencing and why? What multinational businesses could benefit from using geofencing in your community?

Have you experienced geofencing when using an app or entering a geographic location? Are there any ethical concerns with geofencing?

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