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Paper details go to TED’s home page (link opens in a new window) and search for talks about gender and the media. Find and watch one that interests you (and could potentially be a source for Essay; write a summary of the speaker’s main idea, explaining how they present and support the argument. How does the information in this TED Talk compare to readings assigned in this module? The post must be 150-300 words.
Include citation.

Integrating Source Materials and Adding Visual Elements

Paper details Week 5 Discussion: Integrating Source Materials and Adding Visual ElementsContains unread posts
There are two parts to this discussion:

Integrating source material via a quote and a paraphrase; and
Sharing some possible types of visual elements that might be useful in your paper.

Integrating Source Materials (Quote and Paraphrase)

Here you are going to practice integrating source material. Find a quote you like and get the complete citation for it. Follow the instructions below, noting that both sections ask for a signal phrase to introduce the source material. Both parts require appropriate in-text citation in the style you are using.

Following the “sandwich technique” described in this week’s required reading, post a direct quotation from one of your sources as it would appear within the body of your research paper. Be sure that you introduce your quote with a signal phrase, provide some commentary for the quote, and include the appropriate in-text citations for your documentation style. Follow the source material with closing commentary or analysis to link it to your thesis/purpose.
Next, paraphrase the same quotation and use a signal phrase and closing commentary to demonstrate how the paraphrase would appear in your research paper; include an in-text citation in the documentation style you are using for your paper. Be sure to label which documentation style you are using and include the appropriate bibliography entry as the source will appear on your works cited, reference, or bibliography page. ?It is best to avoid large block quotes for this assignment, since the goal is to integrate the quote into your writing. Simply inserting a large, indented block quote does not necessarily demonstrate that integration skill.

When you respond to peers about integrating source materials, please look for their addressing all elements of the assignment, including the signal phrase, direct quote and in-text citation for the quotation and the signal phrase, closing commentary, and in-text citation for the paraphrase. Provide feedback on how the paraphrase reflects the content of the original.

Sharing Visual Element Ideas

After reading the materials in this and previous lessons, including Thonney’s traits of academic writing and this piece from the reading list, Visuals Help You Communicate), share two (2) ideas for visual elements that might be helpful in your research paper. Try to be as specific as possible. You may not find exactly the right pieces to add visual interest to your paper, but try to find some that might be similar to what you could use. You can share them as links or attachments.

Attached is the research Topic and thesis statement.

which of the four writers/artists in this week’s unit (Snyder, di Prima, Feliciano, Hendrix) makes you reflect thoughtfully on the life we are living in 2021, either as separate individuals, or as a collective American society. How can literary or artistic expression make a difference in the life you choose to lead? Is the messaging put out fifty or sixty years ago still relevant today? Answer from your own point of view.

Paper details In the spirit of the 1960s counterculture, I want to give you the freedom to develop your own topic in this short essay. You are still responsible for composing three paragraphs and limiting your response to two pages, but you can take this week’s material in any number of directions.

If you disagree with something that was said or expressed in this material, you can include that, too.

You can choose to write about one of the people, all four of them, or some combination thereof.

Just be sure to pick out specific lines from the poems or moments from the musical performances as you describe in detail the lessons you are taking away from this unit.

Positive Effects of Masks during Covid-19

Paper details For this essay, you are going to select an issue that you feel strongly about and explain why you feel strongly about the issue. This essay will, later on, be used in your larger research paper. The assignment will include an MLA outline (1 page), the essay itself (Max. 2 pages) and an MLA works cited (1 page). The assignment should not exceed four pages.
Evaluation Criteria:
The most important thing is that you fully use your analytical skills in using the appropriate rhetorical structure.
I will be looking to see how well you appeal to your audience and how well you stress the logical and emotional aspects of your association with the person/place. Also, I will be looking for the use of opening and concluding strategies.
The style will be formal, and I want to see how well you can utilize the standards of American Edited English.
I will be looking to see how well you incorporate cause and effect and comparison into your essay.
I will focus on the quality of your introduction.
I am not looking for grammatical perfection, but the essay must be readable and free of mechanical errors that distract your reader.

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