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Paper details 1. For your Main Post, discuss an occasion related to health care in which actions were taken without thinking through the matter. Explain what happened as a result of this failure.

What could have been performed in the thinking stage to anticipate and avoid what occurred?
Your example can be based on a real-life situation or one that has been recently presented in the news media.

2. For Your Main Post:

Choose a hospital or medical center to evaluate.
Perform an internet search.
Discuss whether you feel this hospital/medical center is a quality institution.
Back up your opinion with evidence.
Use at least three different references to back up your response.
Construct your response based on your own opinion blended with paraphrased and quoted material from reference sources

3. Recall a time when you have committed errors of judgement.

For Your Main Post

Explain how you reacted and what events followed.
Discuss how you might have avoided the error and how the consequences might have been different.
choose three errors of judgment when addressing the situation.
The situation can be of your own, or one you encountered through observation, reading or hearing about an issue in healthcare.
4. Describe a recent opportunity you have had to be persuasive.

This could be one that occurred at work, school, or personal life.
Discuss whether you were successful in getting a fair hearing for your ideas and if so why.

5. For your Main Post, identify two lessons about critical thinking you can draw from those profiles. Then, explain how you can use each of those lessons in your career and/or personal life.

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