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Paper details Reyna Grande’s A Dream Called Home: A Memoir Essay Prompt
Throughout her memoir, Reyna Grande is looking for “home,” for a sense of belonging. In your essay,

First briefly introduce the author and the book (in the introduction).
Then identify and analyze two or more ways that her upbringing challenged her sense of having a “home” and belonging (identify these in your thesis). Give specific examples from the memoir in your body paragraphs.
Finally, analyze the ways in which Grande manages to find a home and feel a sense of belonging, giving examples from the memoir as you support your points in your body paragraphs.
As part of your analysis, discuss and cite on at least two of the other readings from our course that relate to the book. You may choose any course texts, but the following research might be especially helpful in your analysis:

cultural legacy (Gladwell, Outliers),
mindset (Dweck, “Brainology”),
grit (Duckworth, Grit),
willpower (Baumeister and Tierney, Willpower),
building resilience in children (Tough, “How Kids Learn Resilience”),
drive (“What Drives Success” Chua and Rubenfeld),
confidence (“The Confidence Gap” Kay and Shipman),
anxiety in college (Cox, “The Student Fear Factor”).

Engagement Activity 6

Paper details Engagement Activity 6

This week’s topic covers how social media matter in the context of people’s body image. In the VICE video, the cosmetic surgeons discuss a rise in the practice of people bringing in pictures of themselves with enhancement features applied to their images. The surgeons compare this practice to the practice of people bringing in images of celebrities that they desired to look like. The surgeons argue that bringing in enhanced selfies is a healthier body image practice than bringing in images of idealized others.

Considering what we’ve learned about social media and its influence on self-concept, identity shift, and body image, do you agree or disagree with the surgeons? Why? What has your experience been like with using or seeing others use these sorts of tools?

Now, consider the existence of pro-ana communities online. Were you previously aware of these communities? If not, what did you think about these communities? Do you think that there have been changes in social media spaces that might make pro-ana communities operate differently today than 7 years ago when this work was conducted?

Bias and Assumption

Paper details 1. In a short response, discuss a time when a bias you had about a certain topic made it difficult for you to reason with either evidence you were presented with or the ideas another person had about that topic.

1-A. Just make up a story about me being closed-minded.

2. Based on the types of bias you learned about in the NimblyWise video “Bias and Assumption,” identify the type of bias you discussed, and explain your reasoning.

2-A. The type of bias from the video I discussed in detail #1 was confirmation bias being closed-minded with everybody, and I started reasoning with people’s advice.

3. Then briefly share your thoughts as to why being aware of the existence of biases is important to critical thinking and necessary when doing research, when reviewing information, or when learning about the arguments of others.

First Amendment and Social Media

Paper details I want to discuss the conflict and blurred lined between the Constitution’s first amendment and the on going battle between the federal government and Social Media platforms.

Write a research paper of 4-6 pages. You will need to pick an American Government related topic for this paper. The paper must address a clearly stated thesis. The thesis must be a significant statement about a significant topic related to this course. The paper must be tightly focused on supporting the thesis statement. All arguments must build toward that central argument.The paper must be thoroughly researched. You must use at least 6 sources, at least 2 of which must be primary and must include a reference page of at least 6 bibliography entries in APA format. Make good use of your sources, carefully comparing and collating information rather than relying on one or two sources to the virtual exclusion of others. Make especially good use of your primary sources, keeping in mind that the primary source information is what makes a paper. The paper must be clearly written. Avoid jargon and clichés. Avoid useless additional verbiage. If a word can be omitted without loss of clarity, omit it. Try to avoid the passive voice except for situations in which it is necessary to make your meaning clear. Avoid errors in grammar and spelling. Also, you must include a title page.


Paper details Instructions
Hazel had worked for the same Fortune 500 company for almost fifteen years. Although the company had gone through some tough times, things were starting to turn around. Customer orders were up, and quality and productivity had improved dramatically from what they had been only a few years earlier due to a companywide quality improvement program. So it came as a real shock to Hazel and about 400 of her co-workers when they were suddenly terminated following the new CEO’s decision to downsize the company.

After recovering from the initial shock, Hazel tried to find employment elsewhere. Despite her efforts, after eight months of searching, she was no closer to finding a job than the day she started. Her funds were being depleted and she was getting more discouraged. There was one bright spot, though: She was able to bring in a little money by mowing lawns for her neighbors. She got involved quite by chance when she heard one neighbor remark that now that his children were on their own, nobody was around to cut the grass. Almost jokingly, Hazel asked him how much he would be willing to pay. Soon Hazel was mowing the lawns of five neighbors. Other neighbors wanted her to work on their lawns, but she did not feel that she could spare any more time from her job search.

However, as the rejection letters began to pile up, Hazel knew she had to make an important decision in her life. On a rainy Tuesday morning, she decided to go into business for herself—taking care of neighborhood lawns. She was relieved to give up the job of stress hunting, and she was excited about the prospects of being her own boss. But she was also fearful of being completely on her own. Nevertheless, Hazel was determined to make a good fit.

At first, business was a bit slow, but once people realized Hazel was available, many asked her to take care of their lawns. Some people were simply glad to turn the work over to her; others switched from professional lawn care services. By the end of her first year in business, Hazel knew she could earn a living this way. She also performed other services such as fertilizing lawns, weeding gardens, and trimming shrubbery. Business became so good that Hazel hired two part-time workers to assist her and, even then, she believed she could expand further if she wanted to.

Fact 1: Hazel is the operations manager of her business.

Fact 2: Among her responsibilities are forecasting and project management.

Question 1: What kind of things would need to be predicted?
Question 2: What type of activities would need project management?
Question 3: In what ways are Hazel’s customers most likely to judge the quality of her lawn care services?
Question 4: What are some of the trade-offs that Hazel would need to consider with regard to working for a company instead of for herself and to expanding her new business?

Read and study the case and complete the questions at the end of the study. Use the case study outline below to assist you with your analysis. Questions should be answered using case study format. Ensure that you adequately explain the problem, describe alternative solutions and justify your recommendation. This exercise should be able to be completed in approximately 3-6 doubled space pages (not counting cover and references).

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