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Writing Exercise 2 A

Paper details This is a continuation from our in class assignment. Revise and post the three genres we practiced in class.



yellow, green, red, juicy, oval shaped eggs, summer, smell of grass and acid, heat, sun, rotten, moldy, tomato hornworm, canning, salsa, atomic, cherry, pear, heirloom, roasted, sun dried, pickled.

Tomatoes-the poem, first attempt

The smell of acid


down my chin.

Explosions of juicy




Atomic grap egg shaped orbs

envelop my mouth.

I want to bite, but I wait.

Tomatoes- the fiction (I changed this to present tense)

The stench of rotten, moldy tomatoes suffocate me as I toss another bag of trash into the receptacle. Opening the lid, a cluster of blueish black flies circle my face. Buzzing, clingy, gross beady-eyed pests. I drop the open bag spilling the contents onto the grass and between my toes.

Tomatoes-creative non-fiction

My grandmother planted a vegetable garden before WW1. Her victory garden fed generations of Scots and Irish immigrants who settled in the heartland. Rows of tomatoes, green beans, and beets were tended by her farm-wife hands. Weeds pulled. bugs squished, rotten veggies composted by the soybean field.

Dreams of Suicide

Paper details hello I will be attaching two files for you to pay attention to one is the poem you will be writing on and the second would be the instructions.


Six-Word Sentence Assignment Summer 2021 Reno
• Write a paragraph about any of the short stories or poems we have read, thus far this semester. Please do not write about a piece of literature you have used in another assignment for this class
• The paragraph must be at least 204 words
• Your assignment should be in MLA format
• Here’s the twist: every sentence must be six words, no more, no less
• I know this is a short paragraph and that you will not be able to exhaustively explore the
the literature you write about
• After you’ve written your paragraph, write a second paragraph (of at least 200 words but
with sentences of any length) in which you discuss what you notice in writing, and reading these six-words sentences

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