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Writing Good Learning Objectives

Paper details You have been asked to develop a diversity awareness training session for managers. This will be the first in a series. The goal of this first session is to introduce the company’s policy regarding diversity and the importance of having a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusiveness. Review the examples of learning objectives in the Writing Good Learning Objectives (I-TECH, 2010) reading, then write two specific learning objectives for the session and discuss why you think they will ensure that the training goal is achieved.


I-TECH. (2010, January). I-TECH technical implementation guide #4: Writing good learning objectives. International Training

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Paper details In response to the devastation of the Black Plague, some people turned to debauchery, some to religious mania, some fled to the countryside, some took their vengeance out upon others (Jews, “witches”), and the poor revolted. But as disaster often does, the plague influenced artistic expression (literature, painting, sculpture, etc.) in remarkable ways. Discuss how the plague influenced art in the 14th century. What were the artists trying to convey?
Only read from Humanities culture and value edition 9. Dont write what the textbook says. Use your own words and be specific and detailed.

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