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You have been invited to make a presentation on the THE PROFESSION OF SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE to a group

You have been invited to make a presentation on the THE PROFESSION OF SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE to a group of children in the 6th grade who are studying health careers. You want to support the notion that it’s OK and “normal” to need help and social workers, as other helping professionals have the value, knowledge, and skills to help. You also want to address any myths related to “asking for help for social and psychological problems” (e.g., only crazy people or people “on welfare” need social workers). Design the presentation for the class that is appropriate to their age level, and with sensitivity to cultural diversity. Create the presentation as a recorded PowerPoint (usually 5–7 slides) that is recorded by using one of the tools listed below. You can design a game, use pictures with narratives, describe a case with concrete examples, write or use a poem, story, song or play, or create another engaging activity. Remember to respond to the specific developmental age and needs of the children. Creativity and enjoyment are encouraged. You are graded on conciseness, creativity, age-appropriateness and accuracy to the professional values, knowledge and skills. An easy and effective way to make such a presentation is to follow these steps: Create a PowerPoint presentation. For the audio, create a narrated screen capture using one of the tools below (a recorded video) of your Powerpoint presentation. (Do not use the voice over function within PowerPoint rather the presentation should be a video recording). Upload you video presentation to the discussion thread.

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Paper details Mary Smith has just reported for duty and is reviewing the patients she will have during the evening shift. One of them, Ida Monroe, is on isolation for an infectious disease. Dr. Jerome comes into the nursing station around 9:00 P.M. after making hospital rounds to see his patients. He tells Mary that he noticed that one of his neighbors, Ida Monroe, is a patient, and he would like to review her medical chart. Mary starts to give him the chart and then realizes that Dr. Jerome is not Ida’s physician. Dr. Jerome says not to worry about that since he has taken care of the rest of Ida’s family for years and is sure that Ida will want him to consult on her case. When Mary hesitates to give him the chart, Dr. Jerome says that he will report her to her nursing supervisor. He walks over to pick up the chart.

Should Mary give Ida’s medical chart to Dr. Jerome? Why or why not?

What should Mary say to Dr. Jerome?

What should Mary do if Dr. Jerome continues to insist on seeing Ida’s chart?

What ethical principles are involved in this case?

What legal regulations are involved in this case?

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