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You will pick a microorganism for your paper on pathology or microbe-environment interactions. The organism

You will pick a microorganism for your paper on pathology or microbe-environment interactions. The organism can not be one of the ones your instructor goes over during lecture listed in the syllabus. Select a pathogen/microbe from current events that is an emerging or reemerging concern to you or people in your area. Provide local epidemiological data/statistics for the organism.

Your paper must include:

Introduction to the organism (structure, cell type, morphology, metabolic requirements, natural reservoir, history, etc.)
Introduction to the disease(s) caused by the organism (epidemiology, signs, symptoms, etc.) OR introduction to the environmental impact of the organism
List and describe factors employed by the organism to assist in its growth, reproduction, culture conditions, host/pathogen interactions and/or virulence. (e.g. nitrogen fixation, symbiotic interactions etc.) Categorize virulence factors by mechanisms of action (Immunity Avoidance, Tissue/Cell Lysis, Colonization/Spread)
Discussion of treatment/prevention options for the disease(s) caused by the organism (Antibiotics or other chemotherapeutics given as part of treatment and their mechanisms of action, Vaccines available and type)

The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages of relevant and informative material that covers all of the content and requirements listed below and in the rubric. The 5 pages does not include the title and reference pages. The paper should thoroughly inform the reader.
APA format. This includes citations and references
Title page must have a title, student name, instructor name, course title, and date.
No direct quotes; put information into your own words or paraphrase
Minimum of three (3) primary and at least two (2) secondary scholarly sources, plus any other references used. You also must include in-text citations.
1 inch margins
12 point, Times New Roman
After uploading to Turnitin, your paper will be scored for similarity. Anything above 20% similarity should be worked on further and uploaded again before the due date. Please email your instructor for more help with this.
Over 20% similarity and/or no references will result in an automatic zero on the paper.

REMEMBER: This is a philosophy course, and you need to provide reasons for your responses. 1. Exercise p. 4 / #1 – What do you mean when you say that something is morally right or morally wrong? Use

1.  Exercise p. 4 / #1 – What do you mean when you say that something is morally right or morally wrong? Use specific examples from your life experience to illustrate your answer.
2.  Exercise p. 4 / #2 – Make a list of guidelines and values you use in making moral decisions. Examine your list for consistency. Where did you get these guidelines and values? Do they give you sufficient guidance in resolving difficult moral issues? Explain.
3.  Exercise p. 14 / #1 – Which perspective-Kohlberg’s justice or Gilligan’s care perspective-best describes the way you approach discussions of moral issues? To what extent do you draw from both perspectives? Illustrate your answer with specific examples.
4.  Exercises p. 30 / #2 – Select a moral issue that involves a moral dilemma. List the duties that support the “pro” side of the issue, then list the moral duties that support the “con” side of the issue. What duties are the most compelling? Discuss possible solutions that take the most duties into account.
5.  Exercises p. 31 / #3 – Is it morally acceptable to euthanize people who have terminal illnesses and who request physician-assisted suicide? Discuss the contributions both utilitarians and deontologists would make to a debate on this issue.
6.  Exercises p. 40 / #5 – Some political conservatives want to phase out government programs that assist seniors and the economically disadvantaged, including low-income college students, arguing that these “entitlements” are best left to individuals and private charitable organizations. To what extent do governments have a moral obligation to model virtuous behavior in the form of helping those who are most in need? Discuss how both a rights ethicist and a virtue ethicist might respond to this question.

3 pages on stand your ground laws – how we do it, what are the

3 pages on stand your ground laws – how we do it, what are the advantages disadvantages. can compare from state to state or overall in the USA to another country. I am from Connecticut so try to use anything thats related to here. Please only use Scholarly journals and reliable news sites for sources. try to limit amount of quotes being used. as well as no plagiarism.

Hey there i need help with my Biology research please with the following topics: The Effect of HEAS G13R Expression on Phenotype Normal Mammary Gland Cells,, a resource to help get information is Natu


Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Paper details Annotate at least 15 instances total from the lists below.

At least 5 annotations must be for figurative

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